This place is the largest settlement in the area of Dobrinjštine, pleced in bay Stipanja. Šilo is an ideal destination for all of you who want to relax from summer crowds. The greatest wealth is clean sea and beaches that are ideal for children.

You can find accommodation in private apartments and rooms and for those who enjoy in natural vacation auto-camp which is located close to the sea, offers a real opportunity for a natural break.

Šilo offers you all kind of opportunities for active recreation. There are tennis courts, beach volleyball and the possibility of sailing, rowing and diving.

This place is one of the most interesting diving sites in Croatia, primarily because near Šilo is a sunken ship Peltastis.

Also bay Šilo, and near Šilo the bay Soline are very attractive for those who love kiting, in lower season when the winds are starting to blow, your kite will dance like crazy. It’s perfect place for beginners and also for experts to show off.

Šilo has a long fishing tradition and that’s why in Šilo is held regular fishing festivals that are very attractive to tourists, also there are various of sporting and entertainment events.

Try the cuisine in Šilo with native and international cuisine. Beyond Šilo you can visit the old village, Polje that has retained the authentic rural architecture and traditional ways of life.

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