A magical summer vacation on the island of Krk- Welcome to Klimno

We have written about places on the island of Krk in our previous blogs. We have mentioned Krk, Njivice, Malinska, Baška, Vrbnik – the larger and more known places on the island. But we shouldn’t disregard the less known places hiding their own secrets. The island of Krk is known as the island with the most inhabited towns, they count up to 68. One of those small towns is the lovable and romantic Klimno.


Klimno is a part of Dobrinj County. It is situated on the Eastern side of the island, not far from the Krk bridge. Thanks to its geographical location, it is well protected from bura and jugo (local winds). It’s adorned by the church of St. Clement from the 14th century it was named after. It is located in the Soline bay, together with Čižići and Soline, and it is also the largest and the oldest of the three. The sea and nautical tourism lovers will feel pleasant in Klimno with numerous facilities for yachtsmen, as there is an anchorage and many workshops to fix and build boats. Not far from the bay itself, there is the Biserujka cave we have written about previously.

Medicinal mud

The main predisposition for the growth in the Soline bay, including Klimno, is the medicinal mud that can be found there. We can say the bay is a true, little medical destination. The sea is very shallow, therefore always warm and suitable for the youngest. If you come to Klimno, don’t be surprised by loads of people walking around the beach smeared in mud from head to toe. This mud has a healing effect on skin and rheumatic diseases, and also provides a feel of an exotic vacation. So, combine the pleasant and the useful and besides coming just to vacate and relax, come and improve your health.

There is no need to stress out the fact that, same as in the other places on the island of Krk, you are to expect a rich gastronomic offer of autochthonous, homemade dishes of our grandmothers, as well as good accommodation offer. Come and choose between numerous restaurants along the beautiful coast. Choose one of the local dishes and wines to make the experience of Croatia and the island of Krk complete.  Many accommodation units are being offered too. Everyone can find something for themselves – from houses to apartments, all the way to beautiful villas. If you still haven’t had an idea on where to go for vacation, here’s one. And if you’re in a need for accommodation, contact us.