Local legend says that the name of Punat comes from the Latin Pons - a bridge, or in Italian - Ponte, apparently because in the Roman period existed a bridge across the narrow entrance of Punat bay towards the town of Krk. Most residents of Punat will tell you about this legend when you ask them about the town name and they will also show you evidence that it was exactly like they said.

The traces of settlement exist from prehistoric time through the Illyrians, to the Greeks and Romans. Punat is first mentioned in written documents from the 14 century as the Villa di Ponte. According to the records, citizens on the area of Punta was sattled by Krk dukes (Frankopani) to protect the approach to the bridge and Punat bay and bay that protect the hinterland of town Krk. Punat has always been a fishing village until the 19th century when begins the development of tourism and shipbuilding.

Punat is situated in the southwestern part of the island in Punat Bay.

Punat is full of narrow streets, volts, taverns and small terrace. In the middle of Punat bay is the island Košljun. On Košljun is situated a Franciscan monastery where the monks have collected and preserved for centuries a variety of items, they were also one of the guardians of the Croatian culture and literacy. The monks are also known for collection and production of herbal products. On the island is also a museum with ethnographic collections, the monastery also has a zoological collection consisted of shells and unique animal specimens, such as the one-eyed lamb. The monastery has a rich library with about 30,000 books.

Punat is also known as town with one of the largest marina on the Adriatic. So if you visiting Punat by sea you will find well equipped marina that can provide you cozy shelter and supplys for the rest of your journey. For sailing enthusiasts is excellent nautical center of Kvarner. Technical services are luminous, also blue flag the sin for quality is over the marina for years, commercial spaces for shops, charter, and other service activities are spacious and maintained, on the land or on the sea there is space for about 1200 boats! For those guests who are staying in private homes or hotels in the center is organized a possibility of mooring service and lowering and lifting small boats directly from the harbor in the center of town. 

If you are not a sailor and you still want to stay on land, Punat offers quality accommodation facilities: hotels, apartments, houses, villas, camping. All accommodation facilities are close to clean beach. Do not miss swimming in the morning when the sea is crystal clear. That is an unforgettable experience!

The town offers sports and recreation facilities such as sailing, scuba diving, surfing, tennis, volleyball, Aqua Park, mini golf, bowling, ski lift - wakeboarding, this will satisfy even the biggest fans of active holiday.

Punat is well known for the cultivation of olives and the production of golden olive oil. You will certainly notice the olive groves on the arrival to the place. Punat is simply wrapped in olive groves. Residents raising sheep for centuries and they are masters at making goat cheese, try it with the glass of good local wine.

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