Dog-friendly Beaches on island Krk

Why wouldn’t your pets swim in the sea, relax and enjoy themselves with you while you’re on your vacation?

This won’t be a problem on island Krk! Island Krk offers many suites, hotels, beaches and various natural and memorable attractions that you can visit with your four-legged friends!

There is a growing awareness of and care for our co-existence with our adorable fuzzy friends. Up until now, the biggest obstacle was planning the type of transport, accommodation and finding a place to stay with your pets in your chosen vacation destination. Now you can plan your vacation with even more enjoyment, knowing that your whole family can come and that it will be no trouble at all. That’s right… our fuzzy friends are family too!

While exploring island Krk, we came across several dog-friendly beaches, and some of them are:

– In the vicinity of beach Kijac, in town Njivice

– Beach “Redagara”, in the vicinity of hotel “Koralj” in the town of Krk

– In Baška, in immediate vicinity of “Vela Plaža”

– In the vicinity of Rt Šilo

– In Vrbnik, cove Mala javna, in the vicinity of Sveti Marak Beach

– In Malinska, located directly at the entrance to walking trail Rajska cesta (Paradise Road)

– Dunat, Galapagos beach

There are special rules for dog-friendly beaches. Of course, pet owners can also enjoy a leisurely swim and sunbathe alongside their pets, and so can everyone else who is not bothered by these playful four-legged animals. It’s important that pets are socialized, used to other dogs, that they  can play with each other and enjoy themselves, because dogs don’t have to wear a muzzle or be on a leash on dog-friendly beaches, unless noted otherwise. There are certain rules, i.e. dog-friendly beach etiquette that regards dog owners:

–  Always keep an eye on your dog

– Pick up dog poop

– If your dog isn’t obedient at all times, don’t let him get far away from you and keep him on a leash

– Be considerate of others; public dog-friendly beaches are intended for general population, which means that you share this space with others, and you should keep that in mind

Take your pet with you, set out on your dream trip and follow the etiquette to have a perfect vacation. Go on a trip without having to worry if your pet will have a good time and, of course, take many photos that will be the most beautiful memories of your dream vacation!