Rafting in Croatia - Malinska, Krk

Rafting Croatia

Rafting on the river Kupa

Rafting tour

Rafting on the river Kupa is possible both when the water
levels are high, which is common in spring and autumn months and after
heavy rain, and when the water levels are low, which is
common during the summer months.

Riding in big rafting boats, in which there is room for
10 people, is suitable for high water levels, while on the lower water
levels canoes or kayaks are used instead of big rafting boats. These are inflatable boats that can accommodate 2-3
people and its form enables the passenger to explore places where the water levels are fairly lower.

”Small rafting”, however, which means at low water levels, brings the same experience as the higher water level rafting.

The price includes all necessary rafting equipment (paddle, helmet, life jacket, neoprene suit – long or short depending on the weather, neoprene socks or boots, waterproof jacket, etc.) and experienced rafting guide that will lead and assist you in your new adventure!

For more information visit the following website GORSKI TOK