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Imagine a perfect vacation on the island of Krk, where turquoise waters meet stunning natural landscapes. With its charming coastal towns, historic sites, and breathtaking beaches, Krk holiday offers an unforgettable experience. Whether you prefer relaxing on secluded coves, exploring hidden caves, or indulging in delicious local cuisine, a holiday on the island of Krk provides it all.

Choosing a destination for summer vacation is challenging and tiresome work sometimes. That’s why we suggest choosing Krk as your next destination, and in continuation, we will explain why.

The sunniest, so called Golden island is one of the attractive destinations for tourists because of its rich and diverse offer and long history. The Island of Krk praises with the most pleasant Mediterranean climate specific for warm, sunny summers and mild winters and over 2500 hours of sun annually. Besides, Krk is characterised by fresh air and crystal clear sea, and 15 beaches fly the Blue flag. For that very reason, it’s not surprising that diving is one of the most attractive and most popular water sports in the area. On the seabed of Krk area, you can find sunken ancient ships, underwater caves and rocks, coral reefs and diverse wildlife.

A big advantage of this amazing island is good traffic connection with the mainland by the Krk bridge, by boat from various ports, by ferry from the port of Valbiska and the airport Rijeka near Omišalj. Krk has an excellent maritime connection, meaning ferry boat lines offer possibilities of visiting other islands in the Kvarner Bay, like Cres, Lošinj or Rab. Only few hours of driving and – you are in National Park Risnjak, mountain heights rich in flora and fauna, or in deep forests of Nature Park Učka, and the world famous National Park Plitvice lakes are not far from Krk. Nothing is far from Krk and your vacation on the island of Krk.

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Featured accommodation

We handpicked the most beautiful offer of holiday homes and apartments for rent in island of Krk. Book your ideal private accommodation and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Croatia.

Choose the type of your Krk holiday

We have prepared a rich and diverse offer of holiday homes and apartments for rent in Malinska on the island of Krk, by the sea, beaches or the center but also those a bit more intimate in the inland, several kilometers from the sea, surrounded by nature.

During the vacation, we strive to have a good rest and recharge the batteries, and more and more attention is given to recreation, sports, and active vacations. The Island of Krk offers different ways of recreation and fun for all generations like long hiking and cycling trails, tennis courts, mini-golf, aqua park at sea, tubes and banana rides, jet ski, beach volleyball, fitness centers, sailing, wakeboarding.

Come summer months, nightlife on the island of Krk wakes up from hibernation. Regardless whether you’re the disco type, night, beach, cocktail or lounge bar type, in the island of Krk you will find a place to go out at your liking. All you need is some good will and with Krk’s offer of good drinks, food, music and great atmosphere, you will create memorable moments.

Explore the island of Krk, get to know it’s natural beauty. Along with rich cultural and historical heritage, many tourists are attracted by many natural attractions, intact nature, from photogenic coves through fertile fields and thick forests, sub-mediterranean vegetation, karst to the real mountain landscape.

Dive into the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, hike along scenic trails, or simply unwind on the sun-kissed shores. With a rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality, Krk welcomes you to discover its beauty and create lasting memories of your island getaway. Regardless of which style of accommodation you prefer: life by the pool, luxury is in, family vacation, pets on vacation or apartments and holiday houses with a sea view on Krk island we have it all! You deserve a dreamy Krk holiday.

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“The golden island”, the island of Krk is our sunniest island and one the most attractive tourist destinations thanks to its rich and diverse content offer and a long and interesting history.

Destinations on the island of Krk

The island of Krk, located in the heart of the Adriatic Sea, is a true gem of Croatia’s coastline. With its diverse and captivating destinations, Krk offers something for every traveler. Explore the ancient charm of Krk Town, the island’s main hub, with its narrow streets, historic architecture, and vibrant waterfront promenade. Discover the rich history of the island at the Frankopan Castle and the impressive Krk Cathedral.

Venture to Baska, a popular beach destination, known for its stunning pebble beaches and crystal-clear waters. Relax under the sun, enjoy in water sports, or wander along the scenic coastal promenade.

For a tranquil retreat, head to the picturesque village of Vrbnik, perched high on a cliff overlooking the sea. Lose yourself in its maze-like streets, taste the famous Vrbnicka Zlahtina wine, and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. Nature lovers will find paradise in the protected natural areas of the island. Visit the beautiful Biserujka Cave, hidden beneath the ground, or explore the untouched landscapes of the Klimno Bay and Soline Nature Park.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the charming town of Punat, famous for its marina and the nearby islet of Kosljun, home to a Franciscan monastery and a rich collection of art and cultural artifacts. With its stunning beaches, rich history, and natural beauty, the destinations of Krk are sure to leave a lasting impression on every visitor. Experience the magic of this island paradise and create unforgettable memories.

Most rental properties are located in the Malinska and Njivice area, but some are also located in the city of Krk, Šilo, Dobrinj, Punat, Baška, as well as Vrbnik and Omišalj. Explore the island, a destination for all generations, book your ideal private accommodation and enjoy an unforgettable holiday on the island of Krk in Croatia.

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Njivice, Krk

Njivice is a charming coastal town on the northwestern coast of the island of Krk, one of Croatia’s largest islands. Originally a small fishing village, it has gradually transformed into a popular tourist destination. It is renowned for its beautiful beaches, verdant landscapes, and rich cultural he
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Malinska, Krk

Malinska is located on the western coast of Krk Island. Once primarily known as a safe haven for ships, it's transformed into a sought-after tourist destination. Its biggest advantages are pristine beaches, clear waters, and rich cultural heritage. With its Mediterranean climate characterized by mil
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City of Krk

Krk City is a 2000 year old historical town and the capital of the island with which it shares the same name. The island of Krk is the second largest island in the Adriatic Sea and Croatia. The island is situated in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, near the Kvarner Bay. Krk has a rich history
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Omišalj, Krk

Omišalj is the first place on the island of Krk, situated 82 meters above sea level, where you can enjoy the view over the Omišalj and Kvarner bay. It is well connected with the land, and Rijeka airport greatly facilitates your arrival.Although mentioned in the 12th century as Castrimusculi - t
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Šilo, Krk

Šilo place is the largest settlement in the area of Dobrinj,located in Stipanja bay. Šilo is an ideal destination for all of you who want to relax from summer crowds. The greatest wealth is clean sea and beaches that are ideal for children.You can find accommodation in private apartments and ro
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The island of Krk knows no boundaries regarding the service offer, thus, it’s no surprise it is a perfect choice for a holiday in Croatia because it is a destination for all generations. Many entertainment and sporting facilities, great autochthonous gastronomy, rich nightlife or just peace and quiet without the crowds, rich cultural life (exhibitions, plays, musical events), cycling and running tracks, possibility to take interesting excursions, possibility to sail to nearby islands, getting to know the life of the locals and local customs and many other events (fashion shows, fairs, sporting events, concerts, parties) are just a small piece of what you are to expect during your holiday on the island of Krk.

Do you need a cleaning service for apartments, swimming pools, business premises?

As a tourist agency, we offer complete cleaning and maintenance services for apartments, vacation homes, apartments, buildings, business premises, swimming pools and gardens.

We carry out general and regular cleaning of apartments, houses, villas, apartments, yachts and business premises, complete disposal of bed linen, which includes changing bed linen, towels and tea towels, as well as washing and ironing, and we are also able to organize the need for minor janitorial and garden maintenance work.

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