Vrbnik, Krk

Vrbnik is situated on a steep cliff that rises 50 meters above sea level, located on the east side of the island opposite the mainland and Novi Vinodolski.

Vrbnik is known as the cradle of Croatian literacy and surely one of the oldest villages on the island and boasts a 900 years old history.

If you want a quiet and scenic holiday, Vrbnik offers just that. You can choose walking through the village and its cobbled streets, talking to locals who are always willing to give good advice, enjoying the quality of local wine which the place is well known for, and much more. Explore the streets, among which is the narrowest street in the world, visit the local church and an interesting exhibition on the bell tower, explore the Vitezić library and take a look at the Glagolitic inscriptions that you can found all around you in the old town.

Visit the golden field of Vrbnik which is located near the place where there are endless grapevines of which the locals prepare one of the best wines in Croatia, Vrbnička žlahtina. Slavic adjective "žlahten” in Croatian means noble. The Žlahtina is noble grape that gives the wine an elegant high-quality and unique flavor. Enjoy your meals in a few local taverns and restaurants, buy some good cheese and turn to the sun and the blue sea.

Information for boaters - Vrbnik port is protected from all winds! Smaller boats can dock on the inner side, and the inner part of the harbor with two small old stone piers provides shelter for yachts.

You can find accommodation in the hotel or in one of the many private apartments. In any case, do not miss having some great time in this picturesque village above the sea.

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