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Most properties are located in the Malinska and Njivice area, but some are also located in the city of Krk, Šilo, Dobrinj, Punat, Baška, as well as Vrbnik and Omišalj. Explore the island of Krk, a destination for all generations, book your ideal private accommodation and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Croatia.

Baška, Krk

Baška is situated in a quiet valley in the middle of the bay, surrounded by picturesque hinterland with rich vineyards and olive groves. Bathed in pure, crystal clear sea Baška has the most beautiful beach on the island and one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic Sea, it is 1800 meter
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Dobrinj, Krk

Dobrinj is situated in the northeast of the island at an elevation of 200 meters above the bay Soline. On the shores of this bay there are numerous Roman sites, because it is assumed that in this area at that time there were salt pans.Dobrinj is one of the cities of castle such as Krk, Vrbnik a
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City of Krk

2000 years old town of Krk is the administrative, business and educational center of the island while in way of tourism is very attractive summer resort. The city will offer you a sense of elegance and historical heritage which forms the basis for the rich tourist offer.Krk, even today a fortified c
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Malinska, Krk

Malinska begins its development in the 15th century with the construction of the mill (Melin, Malin), after which Malinska got its name. With the development of  the area around Malinska, known for its pastures and forests, it started to be populated quickly. The place gradually developed into
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Njivice, Krk

Njivice are one of the many resorts on the island of Krk. They were a small fishing town, but today they are full of tourists who keep coming back.Lush island vegetation provides valuable shade, which makes Njivice one of the rare places where the forests reach close to the pebble beaches. You can e
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Omišalj, Krk

Omišalj is the first place on the island of Krk, situated 82 meters above sea level, where you can enjoy the view over the Omišalj and Kvarner bay. It is well connected with the land, and Rijeka airport greatly facilitates your arrival.Although mentioned in the 12th century as Castrimusculi - t
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Punat, Krk

Local legend says that the name of Punat comes from the Latin Pons - a bridge, or in Italian - Ponte, apparently because in the Roman period existed a bridge across the narrow entrance of Punat bay towards the town of Krk. Most residents of Punat will tell you about this legend when you ask them abo
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Šilo, Krk

Šilo place is the largest settlement in the area of Dobrinj,located in Stipanja bay. Šilo is an ideal destination for all of you who want to relax from summer crowds. The greatest wealth is clean sea and beaches that are ideal for children.You can find accommodation in private apartments and ro
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Vrbnik, Krk

Vrbnik is situated on a steep cliff that rises 50 meters above sea level, located on the east side of the island opposite the mainland and Novi Vinodolski.Vrbnik is known as the cradle of Croatian literacy and surely one of the oldest villages on the island and boasts a 900 years old history.If you
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