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Accommodation on the island of Krk

Browse through our fine selection of Island of Krk accommodation and book an apartment or holiday home that suits you best.

Nowadays, more and more guests are looking for accommodation on the island Krk according to their personal preferences and the way they enjoy their vacation. If you would also like to book accommodation in an apartment or holiday house that will fit your lifestyle, we have prepared a lovely selection of Krk accommodation by various distinct characteristics.
If you are looking for a destination where you have a lot to see, and programs that will contribute to your health are also important to you, you want to consume local and fresh foods, be physically active and surrounded by a preserved and clean landscape, then the island of Krk is the right choice for your next journey.
Island of Krk is characterised by fresh sea air and crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, and as many as 15 beaches fly the blue flag. It’s no wonder that on the island of Krk, health tourism is increasingly developing, which includes vacations by the sea, breathing in clean air with the smell of salt and medicinal herbs, escape from urban everyday life, swimming in the clear sea and a light Mediterranean diet.

A great selection od Krk accommodation

It’s never too early to book the ideal accommodation on the island of Krk for your vacation. In fact, from that moment it’s one less obligation and, even more importantly, the carefree countdown to the moment of departure to your target destination follows, and the island of Krk is always a great choice. With the arrival of spring and warmer air temperatures, the island of Krk becomes a fantastic destination for all lovers of crystal-clear sea, rich history, island lifestyle, as well as the possibility of participating in numerous activities, manifestations, excursions or organised events.
Whatever your reasons for vacationing on the island of Krk, we are sure that you will enjoy the many natural beauties that surround you. Book your accommodation on the island of Krk in time and take advantage of the rich offer of accommodation at great prices, such as holiday homes, private apartments and rooms that we have prepared for you. The first step will be to find Krk accommodation that will suit your needs and activities during your vacation. Explore our selection of accommodation for family holidays, holidays with pets, active holidays or luxury accommodation.

Krk accommodation with sea view

Accommodation facilities on the island of Krk can boast, among other things, excellent quiet locations as well as a perfect view of the Adriatic sea. The proximity to the sea or the swimming pool within the facility is another reason why family gatherings or gatherings with friends are always the best choice. Real hosts are always available to their guests, to answer all their questions and suggest how to best spend your vacation on the island of Krk.
Upon your arrival, you will be greeted with numerous autochthonous and domestic produce of the island, of which there is indeed an abundance. From olive oil, žlahtina wine, homemade brandies and liqueurs, Krk prosciutto and many other delicacies. During your stay, you can always count on your hosts, and very often these gatherings turn into mutual ones, which is the best promotion of tourism first hand.

Accommodation on the island of Krk for a family holiday

If you are going on vacation with your family or friends, we recommend that you book an apartment or a house that is designed for a larger number of people. It is also important that it has facilities for various gatherings such as barbecue, garden and terrace. It is not out of place to pay attention to the proximity of shops, since food and other necessities will probably be bought in larger quantities. If you are coming with small children, we recommend booking an apartment on the ground floor.

Accommodation on the island of Krk for lovers of outdoor activities

Spring on the island of Krk is an ideal time of the year for cyclists and other adrenaline lovers, and the ones loving to spend time in the open. Island of Krk is recognized in the cycling community around the world because of many maintained tracks and the possibility of riding, and that’s why we’ve paid special attention in our offer to accommodation with the possibility of bicycle and other storages as one of the most important factors when choosing this type of accommodation.

Luxury Krk accommodation with a swimming pool

Our luxurious apartments and holiday homes are polished to the smallest detail for your absolute pleasure. They offer privacy on one side, and the vicinity of everything one might need while on vacation on the other side. Pools, grills, saunas, bicycle use, wonderful surroundings and smell of freshly mowed grass. Luxurious houses and apartments are the best choices for an ideal vacation. Choose your kind of luxury, rustic Mediterranean or modern with romantic details and a dose of elegance. Whichever style you choose, we are sure you will enjoy our luxury accommodation on Krk.

Krk accommodation with pool

Life is better by the pool! A nice book, a cold drink and a pool – this is the recipe for an ideal vacation in houses and villas with a pool. Enjoy your summer vacation with friends and family on the island of Krk in a holiday house with a pool. You will be able to refresh by jumping in the pool at any given moment. Or simply enjoy sipping cocktails and sunbathe on a sun-bed by the pool.

Krk accommodation with a sea view

Benefits of seawater are well known, but the view of the beautiful azure itself brings calm and warmth. Mother Nature took care that Krk, thanks to its position in the Adriatic, has one of the most beautiful sea views.

Accommodation on the island of Krk near the beach

If you wish to make the most of every minute of your vacation and not waste time walking to the beach and back, choose a house just a few steps away from the beach. It will seem like you can jump to the sea from the balcony, and you can enjoy the sound of the sea waves from your terrace, or even from your bed.

Pet friendly accommodation on the island of Krk

We love animals! And for that very reason we know how much you cherish the possibility to spend your vacation with your favourite pet. That’s why we bring you a list of Krk accommodation where pets are welcome and where they will feel at home. If you choose island of Krk as the ideal destination for your vacation, your pet will get to enjoy all the adventures with you because the island of Krk is known as an idyllic tourist destination you can enjoy with your pets.
If you’re interested in a vacation with your friends in beautiful Croatia, on one of the sunniest islands, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiries because we’re always here for you!

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