Dobrinj, Krk

Dobrinj is situated in the northeast of the island at an elevation of 200 meters above the bay Soline. On the shores of this bay there are numerous Roman sites, because it is assumed that in this area at that time there were salt pans.

Dobrinj is one of the cities of castle such as Krk, Vrbnik and Omišalj. It was founded in the 7th century with arrivals of the Croats, while during the Middle Ages, Dobrinj was one of the most important centers of the Glagolitic script. Dobrinj is an area with rich historical and cultural sights. Its untouched nature and mild climate allow for the perfect vacation for body and soul. Its authentic old stone houses and narrow stone streets emanate with peace and tranquility.

In Dobrinj you can find a good private accommodation in apartments and rooms rented by locals while camping enthusiasts and nature lovers will be thrilled by the local camp.

If you want active vacation, Dobrinj offers tennis courts within the camp, volleyball on the sand in the Soline bay. You can enjoy playing football, handball and basketball. For sea lovers, the Dobrinj archipelago is ideal for underwater activities, water skiing and windsurfing.

Around the area of Dobrinj there are 60-kilometers of hiking and biking trails that connect all villages in the area. This is a great way for those who enjoy outdoors and recreation.

Lovers of sun and swimming, you are at right place! The area of Dobrinj is abundant in bays, sandy beaches and clear water which can be reached by foot, car or boat. Apart from swimming, you can sail, row, drive a boat or even surf.

In the evening, during the rest time it is the best to eat and drink a glass of good wine. Dobrinj is offering local dishes and drinks based on traditional fishing specialties such as grilled calamari, fish stew with polenta. And for dessert - presnac, an autochthonous cake made from fresh sheep's cheese, one of the hallmarks of gastronomy of Dobrinj and its surroundings.

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