3 must-see natural attractions of the island of Krk

Explore the Island of Krk, get to know its natural beauty. Alongside the rich cultural and historical heritage, numerous tourists are attracted to countless natural attractions, pristine nature, from photogenic coves through fruitful fields and dense forests, sub-Mediterranean vegetation, bare karst to a real mountainous landscape.

1. Njivice Lake is the largest natural freshwater habitat of the Island of Krk. It’s vital for the preservation of biodiversity values of the island and the Kvarner region. The lake is located merely about a hundred meters from the Omišalj–Malinska main road, not far from the town of Njivice. There are numerous wetland and freshwater vegetation types which are very rare in karst areas. You can also find some of the extremely rare types of wetland and aquatic plants as well as native types of fish, amphibians and pond turtles. It’s an important bird habitat, and there’s nothing like experiencing it in spring and summer when you can enjoy an intensive songbird migration.

2. The Island of Prvić, located across from Baška, is a botanical and ornithological reserve which will blow your mind! This uninhabited island is perfect for merging with nature and getting away from everyone. During summer, here you can find peace and spend time swimming in the clean sea, but a trip to Prvić will offer you a memorable experience at any time of the year. It’s a little slice of pristine heaven not far from civilization. You can visit the island by setting sail from Baška and, before you know it, you’ll be there. The highest point is the Šipovac peak, at 363 m, which ranks it among the top 9 highest Adriatic islands. On the western slope of the island, you can find the romantic Stražica lighthouse about a dozen sandy shores for swimming. But the beauty you will experience doesn’t end there. The underwater world will captivate you with an attractive scenery and a colorful abundance of coralligenous communities.

3. The green peninsula Prniba is ideal for those wanting an active vacation! The beauty of isolated coves, natural untouched shores and rocks accompanied by the sound of seagulls and roar of the surf is what makes this island stand out and worth visiting. It’s located near the center of the town of Krk. There is an unpaved track for cycling and walking through the woods, and on the way you can encounter wild animals such as roe deer, but that mostly happens in spring. The natural ambiance is ideal for relaxation, meditation and spending your vacation by hiding in the nature not far from the civilization.