5 reasons to visit the island of Krk in winter months

Although many take a winter vacation to go skiing or to go traveling to warmer places, we believe the winter vacation can be well spent on the island of Krk. If you’re searching for a destination where there are lots to be seen, and if programs benefiting your health, consumption of homemade and fresh products, physical activity and being surrounded by maintained and clean landscape mean a lot you, then the island of Krk is the right choice for your next winter travel.

Mediterranean climate

The Island of Krk takes pride in the most pleasant Mediterranean climate characterized by mild winters and over 2500 sunny hours per annum. Besides, Krk prides in the clean sea air and crystal clear sea and over 15 beaches fly the blue flag. Thus, the development of health tourism is no surprise, including a vacation by the sea, breathing clean, salt and herb-scented air, running away from the mundane, swimming in the clean sea and light Mediterranean food.


Everybody knows by now you can’t leave Krk hungry, the reason being the delicious home cuisine. Food specific for the Krk area is definitely seafood, so most restaurants offer fresh fish, shrimp, crabs, calamari, octopus and clams. We recommend the well known local lamb, unique for the sheep grazing. Then, there is also the well-known pasta, the so-called šurlice, made with homemade dough that works excellent with goulashes and sauces. The specialties of Krk are unique for the herbs and the addition of homemade olive oil, an essential part of every original specialty that gives the food a special taste to it, leaving you wanting more.

Many ideas for an active vacation

On the island of Krk, a lot is invested in cycling and hiking trails. Krk can offer a tailored type of activity according to everyone’s needs and desires. Near Njivice there is an equestrian club where everyone can try riding a horse. Riding is meant for children as well as adults, and the experience of recreational riding in beautiful terrains is not easily forgotten.

Island stress-free life

Sipping coffee on a terrace with a perfect sea view, while the sound of waves is gently reaching your beautiful kitchen, luring for you to prepare summer delicacies sounds really relaxing, doesn’t it? Take a break from the daily stress and rush and start your day by sipping coffee by the fireplace. Check our offer of comfortable accommodation for cold winter days and feel relaxed and cozy, just like at home.

No crowd

In the winter there are almost no crowds and tourists at all, which has its charm. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t enjoy the summer crowds then this is the real opportunity to visit Krk and see how it really is, without tourists.

Although the summer in Krk, as a proper tourist gem, is the most interesting time of the year because you get to enjoy many interesting events, rich programs, swimming, sunbathing, our “golden island” has guests all year round for a long time now. Become one of them if you still haven’t!