7 tips on how to maximize your stay on the island of Krk

During summer months, island of Krk really confirms its antic name, still much preferred nowadays, of the golden island. The sunniest island, besides from natural wellness and large amounts of vitamin D, has a lot more to offer. From long and very interesting history, numerous autochthonous products, food and drinks, hospitable inhabitants to recreational and sports activities. No matter how long you stay on Krk, there is always something that makes most visitors come back. We bring you several advices on how to best spend your stay on the island of Krk.

Spend summer days on the beach, swimming in crystal clear sea and sunbathing on beautiful beaches.

Most beaches of the island of Krk proudly fly the Blue flag, a proof of sea and beach cleanliness, its facilities and safety. You can find  pebbly, rocky and concrete beaches in every town or village, and for those in search of more intimate locations, the island has in store many small bays, some of which completely inaccessible by road.

Wine cellars, the Vrbnik žlahtina, autochthonous Mediterranean food

Island of Krk has a century old wine making tradition. The Vrbnik žlahtina is specific for growing exclusively in Krk’s vineyards. While tasting žlahtina, you will be offered sheep cheese, and if you order it with your meal, it matches best with fish and fish specialities or white meat.

Explore the island by bicycle, hiking, walking, diving or organise a boat excursion

On the island of Krk a lot is invested in cycling and hiking trails, having in mind people are under a lot of pressure and stress and are looking for destinations where they can relax and unwind. From more demanding or easier trails, Krk offers everyone a type of activity according to their wants and needs

Visit Košljun, it will not leave you aloof!

Here you can read what makes this little island opposite of Punat so special: /hr/novosti/dogadaji/otok-kosljun.

Take a peek into the past and visit Fulfinum Mirine located on the coast:

Don’t even think about leaving the island without visiting Jurandvor where you can see the early Croatian monument, the Baška tablet

Walk through the most narrow street in the world:/hr/novosti/dogadaji/vrbnik-njegova-bastina-i-znamenitosti