Active vacation on island Krk

On vacation we often tend to have a good rest and to charge the batteries, and it is paid more attention to recreation, sports and active vacation. Once we find accommodation and arrive at the destination, first we like to sightsee and to get familiar with a destination so that you can connect with it as soon as possible. However, no matter how many sights you have visited, after a few days there is a need for something new. In order to experience something new, we have decided to highlight activities that combine recreation and entertainment. The island of Krk offers different ways of recreation and entertainment for all ages, such as long hiking and biking trails, tennis courts, mini golf, aqua park on the sea, ride on tubes and bananas on the sea, jet ski, beach volleyball, fitness centers, sailing, wakeboard.

This time, we decided to take out and give preference to the wonderful hiking and biking trails which allow you to familiarize with almost every corner of the island and a completely different experience of the real, natural beauty of the island.

If you want to recreate and relax at the same time, there are 300 km of hiking trails on the island of Krk. The trails are divided in the lungomare, easy and hard trails. The lungomare trails are for those who like to enjoy the sea, passing numerous bays. The easy trails are intended for all walkers who want to familiarize the beautiful interior of the island. The hard trails are intended exclusively for hikers who are actively engaged in hiking. It is famous bypass of Krk, a circular trail that connects all the island’s hiking trails, and it is possible with it to get from one place of the island to the other.

Most hiking trails can be used as a bike trail. The island of Krk has been awakened in the last couple of years as far as recreational and sport tourism is concerned, so the most of the attention is paid to cycling. With different events and manifestations it is tried to get acquaint people with all the biking trails on the island of Krk. You can also get familiar with the biking trails through the mobile application KRK BIKE, which includes search for bike routes, GPS navigation, information of the tourist center information, weather forecasts, emergency services, and locating the electric vehicle charging locations. By bicycle ride on the routes of the island of Krk you have the opportunity to visit centuries-old monuments, museums, galleries, smaller places, abandoned places and all other attractions. Your wheels can be rolled on the inner part of the island, valleys and hills, and on the coast of the golden island.

It’s time to get know the island of Krk, a destination for recreation, vacation and new adventures!