An ideal accommodation for family and friends on the island of Krk

Accommodating family and friends in these new and unpredictable times has become a much more important factor in planning a vacation and choosing a travel destination. Some new trends and behaviours became the “new normal” over night, so much more attention is being paid to cleanliness of the facility as well as the inventory. But, regardless of all the circumstances, the company and the family have been, and always will be, the most important thing surrounding you during vacation, because the time spent together and the memories made are the biggest gift you will be taking away from your vacation.

Villas, holiday homes and apartments for family and friends

Nowadays, more and more guests are looking for accommodation according to their own preferences and vacation styles. You wonder why you should spend your vacation on the island of Krk? The reasons are numerous, like rich and diverse tourist offer and the long history, great traffic connection, mild Mediterranean climate, favourable geographical location and the richness of natural and cultural content, different modern and completely equipped villas, holiday homes and apartments will ensure a memorable vacation, so start you booking now! 

Accommodation facilities on the island of Krk, among else, pride in excellent peaceful locations as well as perfect sea views. Sipping coffee on the terrace while listening to the murmur of the waves is just a small part of what you are to expect during your vacation on the island of Krk. The vicinity of the sea or a pool within the facility are some of the reasons why a family or friends gathering is the best choice. A special emphasis has been put on exterior decoration so you can spend time in the outdoors as well as use numerous contents for the whole family ant time of the day.

For all of the adrenaline lovers, the island of Krk offers a perfect active vacation. Organized cyclist tracks, promenades, hiking and conquering the highest peaks of the island, tennis courts and much more is what ensures an adventurous vacation, and you won’t be missing any fun either! If you’re interested in spending your vacation in the beautiful Croatia, on one of the sunniest islands with your group of people, we bring you a list of ideal apartments in holiday homes. We are looking
forward to your inquiries and we are always here for you!

Accommodation list: