An ideal time to visit the island of Krk

Spring has officially started, by many, the most beautiful time of the year. We’ve welcomed spring in all its shades, colours, scents, longer days and pleasant temperatures. It’s the ideal time to spend time in the open, to activate your body and your soul, to wake up, just like the nature has been doing these days. This very time is perfect for all those visitors whose primary reason for visiting Krk are not sun and sea or summer vacation, but more all the advantages they want to take advantage of in the off-season.

Lower accommodation prices

Island of Krk, as one of the most popular tourist destinations, offers a very rich selection of accommodation for all types of guests, suitable for different lifestyles. Numerous luxurious villas and holiday homes as well as apartments for everybody’s taste, camps, are at disposal to offer gusts unforgettable moments and an escape from the mundane life, at lower prices than in the high season. Apart from saving money thanks to many special offers, first minute deals, you will surely book your accommodation more carelessly than in the summertime, i.e., vacation time.

The season of cyclists, long walk lovers and hikers

If we know there are over 160 km of hiking trails and cycling tracks all over Krk, it’s obvious this is an ideal island for all adrenaline lovers, especially cyclists who get to enjoy endlessly exploring the island and riding during autumn and spring. The tracks are located along the beautiful coast, but also on the mainland, and one of the favourite tracks starts from Malinska and leads to the town of Krk. Tracks are of different difficulty levels, easy tracks are meant for beginners and amateurs that want to enjoy the intact nature and beautiful landscapes pedalling lightly. You can also choose a more demanding track meant for mountain bikers. We can’t also forget walkers and hikers that, along cyclist, make the most common visitors of the island.

Enjoy a crowd free destination

Enjoying a crowd free destination is one of the top advantages that needs to be used for a short break. Peace, silence, warm and sunny days, picking asparagus, day long walks along the sea and on the mainland, enjoying the seasonal produce are plenty of reasons to plan out a short vacation on the island of Krk and recharge your batteries for everyday life and commitments. The island of Krk possesses all the beauty and the magic to help you do so.