Aquarium Terrarium on the island of Krk

The story of the Aquarium Terrarium begins in the year 2008. when the first Croatian island aquarium was opened. As you can see from the name, it consists of an aquarium in which you can see about a hundred fish from the Adriatic and other seas, and a terrarium with numerous exotic reptiles. It also contains a large collection of shellfish, snails and crabs. Aquarium-terrarium stretches out to 380 m2 within Krk town walls.

There are 20 tanks with over 35 cubic meters of water in the area of 150 m2, with more than 300 species of freshwater and saltwater fish from Croatian and world rivers, lakes and seas. We will mention a few.

Sturgeon – it lives in tributaries of Black and the Caspian Sea and grows up to 50 cm. It likes deep lowland waters and feeds on grub and insects.
– it is a slender and long-bodied, very fast swimmer and skilled hunter. It grows up to 30 kg in weight and to about 2 m in length.
Crucian carp
– it is a freshwater fish and lives mostly in quiet, grassy, mudflat waters.
– it is the most famous aquarium fish since the 18th century. It is very intelligent, playful, it even imitates other fish, and it can be domesticated.

In the only terrarium on our coast, you can see exotic reptiles, about 20 of them. Cayman, boa, iguana and the chameleon are only some of the exotic inhabitants of the biggest aquarium-terrarium in the region.

Cayman – a member of the crocodile genus, it lives in rivers and feeds on fish, water birds, large rodents, turtles and domestic animals.
Royal python
– a non-poisonous snake originating from Africa and it can grow up to 1.5 m in length.
– they inhabit tropical areas of the Caribbean, Middle and South America. They can grow up to 1,5 m and weigh up to 10 kg.
Leopard gecko
– it comes from the area of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and India, and it inhabits deserts and dry grasslands. It eats live insects, but also fruits like papaya, mango and kiwi.

Aquarium – terrarium Krk will give you and an unforgettable experience getting to know the magical world of fish, shellfish and reptiles, and both children and adults will love it. Use your stay on Krk to visit the Aquarium Terrarium and indulge in calming company with these sea and freshwater pets. A guide is available on request.

Ticket price:
Children under 5 – free
From 5 to 12- 20kn
Adults- 40kn

Opening hours of aquarium-terrarium:
April and October- 10:00h-15:00h
May and September- 09:00h-17:00h
June- 09:00h-21:00h
July and August- 09:00h-22:00h

Tel.: 051/221-167

Image by visa vietnam from Pixabay