Autumn and active vacation – Rafting on river Kupa

Autumn on the island of Krk is characterized by many active and adrenaline offers, which are to be enjoyed without all the crowds and summer heat. There are numerous activities for you to enjoy, like rafting on river Kupa, only an hour away from the island.

Whilst in the summer Kupa is suitable for swimming due to many well-kept swimming areas, the autumn is the ideal period to visit Kupa for all the rafting lovers. 

The river Kupa is the longest Croatian river with the head and mouth in Croatia. Its head is in a small lake within the National park Risnjak in Gorski kotar. It is almost 300km long, and its mouth is near the city of Sisak. In its flow, river Kupa creates many streams and small waterfalls making it ideal for adventures like rafting, canoeing or kayak safari and canyoning. Being that it’s full of fish, it’s an ideal destination for people that do sports fishing. In the summer, Kupa is suitable for swimming too due to many maintained swimming areas.

Rafting on river Kupa is possible in high water level which is common in spring and autumn months and after heavy rain. It is also possible at a low water level more common for summer months.

Descending in large rafting boats accommodating 10 persons is suitable during high water levels, while in low water level, smaller canoe or inflatable kayak boats are used, accommodating 2-3 persons, which are formed to enable passing through places with very low water levels for the ultimate rafting experience.

“Little rafting”, as we like to call it, at low water level, can easily be compared to the high water level rafting.

The price of rafting includes all necessary rafting equipment (paddle, helmet, protective life jacket, neoprene suit – long or short or depending on the weather, neoprene socks or boots, watertight jacket etc.), as well as an experienced rafting guide that will inform you on all the secrets of river rafting and answer all your questions.

The tour organizer is Gorski tok d.o.o. – a sports and recreational association.

If you too are an adrenaline junkie, autumn is the ideal time to visit river Kupa and dive into an unforgettable rafting adventure.

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