Baška on the Island of Krk- an ideal location for your dream vacation

Baška, our today’s destination, is situated in the southernmost part of the “golden” Island of Krk, in the idyllic bay surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. Thanks to its location, Mediterranean climate, specific architecture, numerous significant cultural and historical monuments, Baška is now one of the inevitable and the most famous tourist attractions in the Adriatic.

Cristal clear, turquoise sea, sandy and pebbly beaches, narrow streets surrounded by stone houses is reason enough for tourism development in the beginning of 20th century. Today, it’s an ideal destination for family and active vacations with an offer of quality accommodation as well as numerous hiking and cycling trails, and an ideal excursion destination.

Beaches in Baška on the Island of Krk

Unique spacious sandy and pebbly beaches, about thirty of them, are Baška’s “trademark”.

Baška’s Vela plaža, the most famous beach in the very center of the town offers a lot of tourist content. Shallow turquoise sea with sandy seabed makes Vela plaža ideal for children’s enjoyment in the shallow waters. The only flaw is the summer crowd, which you have to be prepared for but we definitely recommend a visit to this beach.

Vela Luka, also one of the most impressive beaches in the Adriatic, about 1.8 km long, and about 400 m wide. The seabed is sandy, and at the end of the bay there is a sandy beach and a freshwater spring. This “jewel” can be reached by boat or 6 km long hiking trails, but it is well worth it.

Oprna beach (Stara Baška), one more of the Adriatic most beautiful beaches, but also one of the most inaccessible, due to narrow, bumpy trails, but it is also well worth the trouble. Or you can always use a taxi boat.

Cultural monuments, activities and attractions of Baška

Extremely rich cultural and historical, as well as natural heritage is very inviting, and we recommend:
– church of the Holy Trinity
– church of St. John the Baptist
– the Baška tablet
– church of St. Lucy- Jurandvor
– the Baška aquarium

Sports and recreation enthusiasts can enjoy tennis, soccer, basketball, mini golf, table tennis, free climbing, hiking and various water sports.
During summer numerous events and parties are organized within the Baška cultural summer, from gastronomic to cultural manifestations so that each and every guest and visitor can find something at their liking.

Visit Krk and Baška, let the island “tell” you its story.