BAŠKA OUTDOOR FESTIVAL – Island of Krk, Baška, 11th-13th October 2019

Baška is situated in the very south of the island of Krk, in a beautiful bay. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Adriatic. Although it is situated at the very end of the island, it is well connected to the European cities thanks to the Krk bridge. Besides the beautiful beaches, Baška is rich in hiking and bicycling tracks which makes it an ideal destination for all active vacation lovers – hikers, trekkers, climbers and bicyclists.

From 11th till 13th of October, the famous Baška Outdoor Festival in Baška will take place. That weekend you will be able to enjoy trailing and racing, mountain biking, hiking and climbing, but also concerts and other entertaining events. In continuation, we bring you the program and the race details.

The program starts on Friday, October 11th, with the Edison zipline and a forest hike. The zipline is located in Treskavac, between Krk and Baška. You can experience an unforgettable cross country vehicle ride, hiking in stunning landscapes and ziplining on over 2km in length.

On Saturday, October 12th, all visitors of Baška Outdoor Festival are in for a challenge, the biggest one being which activity to choose for yourself or your family.
, women and men, get to choose between three tracks of 30, 50 and 70 kilometers. This mountain biking marathon is organized by Adria Bike. The starting line is in front of the Corinthia Baška Sunny hotel.
Trail track lovers
get their fair share during the Krk Island Trail 2019, a trekking contest, organized by the Trekking league, in three categories: Challenger 24km, Active 14km and Light 8km. 
For the ones that prefer hiking, on Saturday there will be an opportunity to take a BOF Hike tour. The excursion enables all hikers to get to know Baška and its surroundings, as well as its beautiful landscapes.
Relaxation and entertainment
Saturday evening is left in the hands of the well-known band Elemental, so that the participants can change their fatigue to singing and dancing.
Sunday, October 13th
is a day for sport climbers on the climbing ground Portafortuna, but the program is adjusted to beginners too (from 15 years of age), who can be guided by the expert team of Alpine club Put.

The natural beauty of the karst landscape of Baška is ideal for various outdoor activities. So, come between 11th and 13th of October and enjoy this three-day program by which we will slowly be closing down the tourist season. This is an ideal opportunity for all hikers, trekkers, bicyclists, climbers and adventurists to use autumn for outdoor activities enjoyment. Find additional information on the event here. See you!