Best “instamoment” locations on the island of Krk

When traveling, everybody wants to document their memories in a form of a good photograph. It doesn’t matter if it’s a selfie or a landscape that mesmerized you in that moment. A picture is worth a 1000 words. There’s no greater feeling than going through old photographs and reliving the moments years after the travel. Social networks today also have a major part in our lives. You know how they say, if it’s not on a social network- it didn’t happen. In this blog we will mention some awesome locations and viewing points on the island of Krk, where you absolutely must take a photo.

Although it sounds so, it’s not easy to take a photograph of yourself or somebody else. There are many key factors, from the position of the sun, lighting, shadow, location, to composition. Practice makes it perfect. And here are some good places to start.

The most narrow street in the world

In Vrbnik, on the Eastern coast, the most narrow street in the world is located. In its most narrow part, the Klančić street is only about 40cm wide. If you manage to walk through it, make sure to document the moment. Click here and see the most narrow street in the world.

Viewing point in Vrbnik

We are still in Vrbnik. When you climb the town’s peak, above the wall remains, the viewing point provides a view of the entire Crikvenica-Vinodol Riviera and the magical Adriatic Sea.

Soline bay

Don’t miss out on taking a selfie while covered in medicinal mud on the Meline beach. Besides from combining the pleasant and the useful during the vacation by doing something good for your health, a photograph of that moment will surely draw a lot of attention on social networks.

View from the Veli Vrh

Once you reach Veli Vrh in 541m above sea level, you get a beautiful view of the entire Punat bay, Prniba peninsula and the Košljun islet with a Franciscan monastery. If the weather serves you right, a photo from here could be a real hit.

Vela plaža beach in Baška

The town beach in Baška is really magnificent. Almost 2 kilometres long, this sandy-pebbly beach is the longest on the island. There is a reason it has a reputation of one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. From Vela plaža you have a view of crystal clear sea, the mountain range of Velebit and the island of Prvić.

Besides from a good time, exploration of the gastronomy, tradition and culture of the places you travel too, it’s important to return from your journey with beautiful photographs and even more beautiful memories. Therefore, if you’re coming to the island of Krk, we guarantee excellent photos that bring back memories of the unforgettable vacation in Croatia every time you look at them, and don’t forget to charge you smartphone or bring your camera!