Christmas delicacies of the island of Krk

We have before us, by many, the most beautiful time of the year, the time everyone looks forward to, the Christmas time. Customs, scents, tastes, tradition carved all over Croatia, left different features everywhere, as well as on our “golden” island, island of Krk.

What we all agree on is the fact that the holiday time, before all, is spending time with family and friends, lots of laughter, good entertainment in the open, as well as in closed spaces. Decorating the tree, attending the Midnight Mass, gifts, sea food and meat delicacies, exaggerating in delicious cakes, it’s all the holiday spirit we thrive to. Every corner of our country boasts in specific traditions of the holiday table, as well as our island of Krk. For that very reason, let’s remind ourselves of the gastronomic delicacies that are in the spotlight of every holiday table and every gathering.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the busiest because of preparations for Christmas Day, from cleaning and tidying, decorating the tree and cooking sea food specialities, as well as preparing Christmas Day lunch. Considering that the Christmas Eve is a fast, fish and sea food specialties are irreplaceable at every table. The most famous ingredient is codfish, prepared on the island for hundreds of years. Squid is also in high demand, prepared in many ways: stuffed, fried or in a stew with polenta. Special attention is given to preparation and baking of cakes, bread, fritule, kroštule (local fried sweets), scones and walnut rolls.

Christmas Day lunch

In order to be as special and delicious as a Christmas lunch should be, the preparations start on Christmas Eve. Every proper family of “boduli” (islanders on the Croatian Adriatic coast) will await their guests with the tastes of the island, dry figs and schnapps. Lamb baked under the lid is one of the most common choices for the main course in the entire Croatia, but speaking of the island of Krk, most common is the lamb žgvacet (stew) served alongside inevitable side dish- autochthonous pasta šurlice.

Almost every family on the island of Krk has their own recipe passed down for generations, and every one of them has their own little secret. Baby beef žgvacet is simmered for a long time in a rich sauce made of wine, tomato and various herbs. Another popular choice for the main course is venison stew. Whether you prefer a stew, žgvacet or meat baked under the lid, šurlice will definitely round up the whole story. A toast with a glass of Vrbnička žlahtina is a must, and all the tastes of the island of Krk are here.

After a rich lunch, sweeten the deal with some sweets like walnut rolls, fritule, kroštuli or different scones and enjoy the aroma, the atmosphere, the family and all the new memories. We definitely will! Merry Christmas dear guests and friends!