Discover the original tastes of the island of Krk- the drinks of the island of Krk

What’s a vacation without tasty food and drinks? If you like the authentic offer of food and drinks in the destinations you visit, the “golden” island of Krk definitely has a lot to offer. In our blog The best food and restaurants on the Island of Krk, we have previously mentioned some of the most known specialties you definitely need to taste while on the island of Krk. In this blog we will be writing about authentic beverages specific for this area.


Vrbnička žlahtina is a quality, dry white wine made from the authentic sort of white žlahtina. An interesting fact is that this sort only grows in the vineyards of the island of Krk. The wine has a light to straw-like yellow colour, a gentle aroma and a fine specific taste. The freshness, achieved by growing in the cooler climate, is a characteristic of the northern Adriatic this vine has adapted to. It pairs best with sheep’s cheese, all sorts of fish and seafood, and white meat.


Valomet, a well known sparkling wine is also made from the autochthonous vrbnička žlahtina. It’s special due to its aging process. The bottles of Valomet are placed in the sea, in steel crates, in the depth of 32 meters to provide ideal conditions. Those are the temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, that wouldn’t be easy to maintain in a wine cellar, less light, higher pressure the bottles are exposed to and complete stillness. All of these conditions go in favour to the fermentation. Due to the žlahtina it is made of, that contains the natural malt, there is no need to add liquor to the sparkling wine.

Besides the magical and unique taste, Valomet is also known for its unique bottle design. It was not necessary to make up a special design because the sea has given it the most beautiful decor, and besides the quality, the design was awarded several times. Shells, corals, stones, limpets, are a part of a one-of-a-kind presentation of a unique bottle design that has been lying on the seabed for months, creating a perfect look and taste for its future owners.

Homemade spirits and liquors

The most famous are the fig schnapps, olive liquor, walnut schnapps, Vrbička žlahtina, lemon, chokeberry and honey liquor. Taste them on the island, and take them home as a souvenir. Taste them for special occasions or give them to your loved ones. You won’t make a mistake no matter which taste you choose.