Explore Krk on an e-bike

As we’ve mentioned in the previous blog, autumn is the part of the year ideal for cyclists and all other active persons and outdoor activities lovers. We can offer you 3 cycling tours around the island of Krk through which you can get to know the tradition and culture of the island of Krk. In this blog, we will say a little bit on each of the tours.

The starting point of all three tours is Krk Premium Camping Resort by Valamar sports center. On the first station, i.e. starting point, you will be awaited by the tour guides that will acquaint you on operating a Qulbix electrical off-road bicycle and distribute the safety equipment. The ride starts in the fairytale unpaved roads on the southern slopes of the island towards east. Save your spot on an off-road e-bike in time.

In this guided adventure ride on an e-bike you get to know the tradition and tastes of the island of Krk.

Second stop- ethno-house Kornić
Above the town of Krk, through the hundred-year-old olive groves, surrounded by drystone walls, your off-road e-bike brings you to the first stop- ethno-house Kornić.

Third stop- local family produce Mrakovčić
After a short history lesson, you get on your bicycle and through a spectacular panorama of the Punat cove, followed by the scent of wild Mediterranean herbs, you reach Lakmartin, where the local family produce Mrakovčić is located.

Experience one of the most beautiful places in Krk, the Prniba peninsula and let yourself go to scents while riding through a beautiful hundred-year-old forest.

Second stop- Prniba
Get to know the peninsula through intact nature and shade of a pine forest, enjoy the scents and sounds of nature while discovering secret coves, beaches and cliffs.

Third stop- the view of Košljun
During the ride, we will stop in a place with a beautiful view of Košljun, where a Franciscan monastery is located.

In this tour, you get to know the history and tradition and experience the authentic tastes and scents of the island of Krk.
The second and third stops are the same as with the gastronomical and historical tour.

4. stop- lake Ponikve
Ponikve is a place in the mainland of the island, mostly known by a karst phenomenon, rare in Croatia and in the world. During heavy rains, the groundwaters create a lake in only several hours, thus creating the “now you see it, now you don’t” phenomenon.

5. stop- agritourism Dvori Sv. Jurja
This stone building is situated amid endless olive groves, far from traffic and city rush, and it is adorned by a beautiful view of islands Plavnik and Cres.

If you wish to travel through centuries, enjoy the culture, landscapes and excellent food of the island of Krk on an off-road e-bike in one day, this is the tour for you.