Explore the island of Krk in a completely new way

Our “golden island of Krk”, unique by many things, is situated in the very heart of the Kvarner bay. The island of Krk has always captured the attention of many with its natural beauty, attractions, rich cultural heritage, autochthonous gastronomy and magical beaches with crystal clear sea. It’s the ideal choice for families with children due to plenty of content on the island, loved by kids and adults.

Still, the island of Krk is the best choice for those who like the outdoors, spending time in the nature, adrenaline lovers and explorers of the culture, customs and new places. Even though the island of Krk offers plenty of diverse content and additional activities, this time we will pay closer attention to the less known part, an adventurous and a bit different experience of the island of Krk.

Discover a different island of Krk with a local guide

More and more individuals are turning to nature, adventurism, outdoor sports, exploration of the landscapes and hidden places far away from the crowds, in their own pace and in company of the people with similar interests. It sounds perfect, right? Thanks to local individuals who have recognized the different approach of getting to know a destination, yet in a deep and meaningful connection with the nature, you have a chance to get to know a completely new island of Krk.

Sleeping in the wilderness, hearing interesting stories while lying and stargazing, exploration of bunkers, medieval fortresses, forgotten forest villages, day and night hiking, MTB adventures, driving in the wilderness and observing the animals are just a small part of a completely different and cool offer on our island.

Be amazed by a morning stroll down the old forest paths, experience the nature with all your senses, spot an animal and hear some interesting travel stories of our region, you have NEVER had a chance of hearing. That’s what makes this adventure different and special.

All that can be provided to you by one nature enthusiast, an enthusiast of his region and the adventurous way of living- our local guide Marko. He organizes excursions, hikes and bicycle rides in the nature, often thematic with a rich context, in great and fun company and an even better atmosphere.

As a great MTB lover, Marko organizes a MTB school for the like-minded and MTB enthusiasts, and he will take you through some forgotten paths as well as those mentioned in the stories and some with amazing viewing points.

If you wish to spend a fulfilled day on the island of Krk during your vacation and at the same time re-connect with the nature or discover a deeper connection, don’t miss out on this great adventure organized by Marko who’s telling you: Go out! Breathe! Enjoy! Explore our green-blue island in a completely new way!