From promenades by the sea to forest trails of Gorski kotar in only one hour

If you’re eager for a real vacation, for your soul as well as for your body, while staying on the island of Krk, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful Gorski kotar. It is not far, and it’s definitely worth to see natural beauty and the cultural heritage it has to offer. Experience the nature in its full shine in the “green heart of Kvarner”

Gorski kotar is the area connecting the continental and Mediterranean Croatia. 63% of its 1270km2 are forests. Due to its location and climate, Gorski kotar offers many opportunities for a relaxing vacation any time of the year. In the summer you can find shelter from the heat and the city rush, while in the winter time you can enjoy a fairy tale winter landscape.

The center of the region is Delnice, and some more prominent places are Mrkopalj, Čabar, Fužine, Lič, Ravna Gora, Skrad, Vrbovsko and Brod Moravice. Each of the places has its specifics and is interesting in its own way, and it’s up to you to explore them.

There are plenty of activities for you to do if you visit this region, so we believe everyone will find something for themselves. Besides the hiking trails, which are so many it’s impossible to mention them all, there are activities like rafting, canoeing or canyoning. There are also cycling tracks, possibilities to ride horses, hunting and fishing, winter sports, paintball, artificial rock climbing, carriage rides and kart-cross automobile and hovercraft rides.

A place you must visit if you come to the area is the National park Risnjak. We have written about in a previous blog. There are two more protected landscapes – Vražji prolaz (Devil’s pass) and Zeleni vir (Green spring). There is also the canyon Kamačnik with a river of the same name, a strict wildlife reserve- Bijele and Samarske rocks, caves, rivers, lakes…There is so much you won’t have time to see everything.

From the more popular events we would like to mention the Frog night –frog jumping competition held in spring. Bundevijada – autumn competition choosing the smallest, the heaviest and the most interesting pumpkins, and it includes tasting numerous specialties of those delicious fruits. From May to October, an event “the fruits of Gorski kotar” takes place. It includes harvesting and tasting the fruits and many culinary workshops and educations. An antique festival “From grandma’s chest” also takes place in May, vividly showing how life used to be. An interesting fact is that those who happen to find themselves in Fužine on December 31st will celebrate the New Year’s Eve twice. The thing is that the locals and guests celebrate New Year’s Eve at noon.

Speaking of gastronomy, we can say it is a blend of tradition and modern trends. We recommend tasting the game specialties, such as game prosciutto, deer goulash with homemade gnocchi or bread dumplings. For a long time, Gorski kotar has been famous for meals based on sauerkraut. 

We are not even close mentioning all the interesting facts of this area, but we will let you do some research on your own. If you wish to enjoy beautiful nature and charge your batteries, visit this part of Croatia that will enchant you with its beauty and hospitality. Read more on Gorski kotar here.