Gastronomic pleasures on the island of Krk

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Besides sports, recreation, all types of accommodation, natural beauty and entertainment, vacation on the island of Krk offers fantastic gastronomic pleasures. Excellent Mediterranean cuisine and climate make the island of Krk a true gourmet centre. To all those who have visited the island of Krk at least once know well you can’t and won’t leave the island hungry. The reason is the delicious homemade cuisine you get to taste in numerous restaurants, taverns and pizzerias.


In traditional cuisine of the island of Krk you can taste fresh fish, shrimps, crabs, shellfish with various vegetable side dishes. There are plenty of herbs and spices like bay leaves, rosemary, garlic, stone leek, salt, parsley, tomatoes, olives, carrots that add a special note to the dish. The most famous dish among the rich gastronomic offer are šurlice, homemade pasta served with various meat and fish dishes. Regarding pastry, you must try the sheep cheese treat “Presnac” or dried figs, fritule or kroštule.

The olive oil of the island of Krk, as we call it “island of Krk’s liquid gold” has been registered in the register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications. The production takes place on the island of Krk, to be precise in Baška , Vrbnik, Punat, Dobrinj. Malinska-Dubašnica and Omišalj, as well as on smaller islands nearby. The queen of Medierranean, the olive, has been cultivated here since the roman times.


It is said if a local resident offers you homemade schnapps and dried figs, you must not decline, as the legend says they have wished you a true welcome and destined you a long and happy life. Most famous are fig schnapps, olive liquor, walnut schnapps, Vrbnička žlahtina liquor, lemon, chokeberry or honey liquor.

Vrbnička žlahtina is a quality, dry white wine made of autochthonous sort of white žlahtina. It is interesting that this sort only grows in the vineyards of Krk. The wine is light yellow to hay yellow colour, has a gentle aroma and a fine specific taste. The freshness, given to it by harsher climate, is a characteristic of Northern Adriatic this vine has adapted to. It is best paired with sheep cheese, all types of fish and sea food, as well as white meat.

The well known sparkling wine Valomet is also made of autochthonous vrbnička žlahtina. Its specificity is in maturation. Bottles of Valomet are descended into the sea, to 32m of depth in steel crates to have ideal conditions, those being 12C that is not easy to maintain in a cellar, very little light, higher pressure the bottle is exposed to under the sea and complete stillness. Al these conditions are good Valomet maturation. Because of the žlahtina it is made of, that contains natural malt, the sparkling wine needs no added liquors.

Visit the island of Krk, enjoy all the advantages it has to offer, explore and discover all the fantastic tastes and fall in love with our country, our islands.