Health tourism on the Island of Krk

You must know by now that the island of Krk prides with the most pleasant Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm, sunny summers and mild winters, and more than 2500 hours of sun annually. Besides the pleasant Mediterranean climate, the island of Krk prides with clean sea air and crystal clear sea.

The fast life of a modern man characterized by poor nutrition, life in urban areas where the air is more polluted, higher exposure to stress and lack of physical activity, can be the cause to many diseases.

Due to all previously mentioned facts, it’s no surprise the health tourism on the island of Krk, including vacation by the sea, breathing fresh, salty, herbal air, running away from the urban mundane, swimming in the clean sea and light Mediterranean cuisine is developing more and more.

Therefore, regarding health tourism, on the island of Krk, you can find health and spa complex Meline, hemodialysis center Polyclinic Redial, wellness centers, hiking and biking trails and an offer of healthy and natural foods.

Health and spa center on the island of Krk

Haemodialysis center Polyclinic Redial is located in Omišalj, treating patients from the island of Krk, but also other domestic and foreign patients- tourists spending vacations with their families on the island of Krk.

From the wellness centers, we shall mention two in Malinska and one in Baška. They are located within hotels Malin, Pinia and Corinthia. There you can find pools equipped with counter-current swimming machines and massages, bio, infrared and Finnish saunas, fitness centers, solariums, jacuzzis and you can enjoy facial treatments, body treatments, pedicures and manicures.

Bliss Yoga Holistic Centre within Camping Krk is a wellness oasis in the town of Krk whose offer includes: Finnish, bio and infrared sauna, Ayurveda, Zen Shiatsu, crystal therapy, radiesthesia, biotherapy, Thai yoga, aromatherapy massages, pedicure, manicure and facial treatments. The center uses natural preparations exclusively and Croatian professional natural cosmetics Esensa Mediterana.

The most famous and most visited segment of the health tourism on the island of Krk is definitely the Health center Meline in the Dobrinj county. There is a beach there with medicinal mud, especially good for skin conditions and rheumatoid illnesses. We recommend visiting Meline regardless of whether you came for health reasons or just for fun.

If you’re looking for a destination where there are lots to be seen, with beautiful beaches, but you also care about the programs benefiting your health, you wish to consume homemade and fresh produce, be physically active and surrounded by maintained and clean landscape, then the island of Krk is the right choice for your next trip.