Holiday home on the island of Krk – how to choose the best one

There is nothing better than to go on a vacation to a magical Mediterranean island like the golden island of Krk. Clean sea, sun, beautiful nature, rich cultural and historical heritage, fine food and warm people. What more can a person wish? Well, pleasant and comfortable accommodation, of course. And what’s better than getting your own, completely private piece of heaven by renting a Holiday home on the island of Krk?

Holiday homes on the island of Krk are becoming more popular and wanted each year. At the same time, the number of holiday homes is increasing so there is a rich selection of holiday homes of all types and characteristics. Regardless of whether you like traditional, stone or modern, on the mainland for complete peace or in the centre of a town, with a pool or along the sea, there is no question you will find one for yourself.

How to choose the right holiday home on the island of Krk?

Choosing an ideal holiday home on the island of Krk depends solely on your wishes and plans during your stay on the island of Krk. Do you like an active, dynamic vacation or peace and relaxation, do you wish to spend your days on attractive beaches or by your own pool? In continuation, we bring you a selection of different types of vacations and a selection of holiday homes accordingly.

Down-tempo, relaxing vacation

If you were planning to relax from every day stress and rush and spend your days sipping coffee and enjoying delicious food on the terrace or lounging by the pool, a holiday home on the mainland would be perfect for you. Why? Because of more peaceful and quiet ambiance. There is more distance between the neighbours so you can get the privacy you want.



A dynamic vacation

If you are planning to be active during your stay on the island of Krk, we recommend choosing a house close to the centre of a town. That way most of the content will be at arm’s length and you can explore freely until wee- hours. Also, restaurants, bars and clubs will be easily accessible.



Swimming and sunbathing on the beaches

For all the lovers of Krk’s beautiful beaches and basking in the sun by the sparkling sea, an ideal house is close to the sea. Such accommodation is usually more expensive, but considering the convenience and relaxation they provide, such holiday homes on the island of Krk are actually priceless. Imagine only having to make a few steps to freshen up in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea at any given time.



Vacation with a pet

If you have a four-legged family member, you will likely bring it along for the vacation. Although it can be a little challenging finding an ideal pet-friendly holiday home to suit all your needs, it is not impossible. Lately, more and more holiday homes allow pets.



We hope our advices and suggestions for your dream vacation were helpful. If you have any questions or need help with booking, feel free to contact us. We would love to help you find your perfect accommodation.