Njivice – A Tourism Center with a Ravishing Soul

Njivice, as a tourism center with modern accommodation capacities, used to be a small village on Krk island where people engaged in fishing, olive growing, livestock farming and exploitation of forests. It was first mentioned in 1474, in Ivan VII Frankopan’s Deed of Gift. Tourism as the main activity in Njivice is considered to have started in 1930, when the Jadran (former Luka hotel) and villa Dinka were built. When you think of Njivice, it suffices to imagine stone, Mediterranean houses next to the sea, boats tied to the promenade piers, fishing nets and boxes full of fresh-caught fish.

In addition, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful beaches and clear sea where you can spend the whole day, from sunrise to sunset. Next to some of the beaches, the ones in town, there are restaurants and bars where you can find refreshments and try the Mediterranean cuisine If you prefer remote beaches and would like some privacy, you can take refuge from the sun in the shade of a dense deciduous forest. The main beach named Miramare proudly displays the Blue Flag. Around it, there are many smaller beaches and coves, all connected by a coastal trail. At the end of the town beach, a 1200 m long promenade starts, where you can take a romantic walk through the shade by the sea.

In addition to natural beauty, there is definitely no shortage of entertainment! In Njivice, you can expect diverse entertainment activities in the open during the summer almost daily, such as traditional folklore, klapa vocal ensemble concerts, brass orchestra concerts. Visit the local gallery during the summer months and see exhibitions of renowned artists. Also, a multitude of bars and restaurants will provide you with entertainment throughout the night.

Make sure to go on a short trip and visit Fulfinum-Mirine, a single-nave, longitudinal basilica shaped as a Latin cross, located by the sea shore and the walls of the early-Christian basilica from the end of the 5th century. Together with the church, on the ruins of the Roman town Fulfinum, a new Christian town started to rise. The town was founded at the beginning of the 5th century, at the time of the fall of the Roman Empire. This is the only sacral building of this type on the Krk island, on the Croatian Adriatic coast and is the biggest one in the entire Mediterranean. However, despite all the research done so far, the town is still unexplored and unexcavated for the most part. 

If you visit during the Antiquity Days, you’re in for a special experience. Each summer in July, there are workshops, presentations of ancient crafts, rich gastronomic offer and much more. A pleasant atmosphere, emphasized by torch lights, the setting and the authentic music are all designed for you to enjoy this truly special event with all your senses.