November on the island of Krk- made for outdoor activities

As the month of October is coming to its end, we keep hoping that November will be as beautiful, as sunny with pleasant air temperatures, almost like in the summer. On many beaches, we have witnessed the brave swimmers, taking advantage of pleasant sea temperatures, which only tells us that the Croatian coast and the islands enjoy all the advantages of the Mediterranean climate and lifestyle. If you happen to find yourselves on the island of Krk at this time of year, you can expect many outdoor activities for all lovers of recreation in the nature and the active vacation.

Malinska Outdoor Weekend from until 13th of November 2022

The Malinska area on the island of Krk is ideal for all types of activities for all generations. So don’t miss the first edition of Malinska Outdoor Weekend from until 13th of November when all the adrenaline lovers will get the chance to participate in 4 different disciplines: Nordic walking, trail running, hiking and cycling.
Saturday is reserved for trail running and hiking, and you are to expect 24 km and/ or 14 km of fantastic narrow trails passing by magical coves and hidden beaches, unpaved and old roads close to hundred-year-old olives and oaks. This undemanding trail will thrill all the runners with its climb and length! For those who prefer a slower pace, educational hiking will be organized- Malinska hike.

Sunday also offers a faster pace reserved for a cycling tour, or a slower pace reserved for Nordic walking. Those who especially love exploration on 2 wheels can expect almost 24 km, and the autumn ride on the island of Krk is really colourful and magical. The same enjoyment awaits the walkers who will, thanks to the project “A step to health”, explore Malinska and its rich history. A fantastic weekend emphasising a healthy life and more movement can refresh everyone’s routine and recharge the batteries.

Hiking trails and promenades from 4th of November until the 31st of December 2022

Reserve your Saturdays on the island of Krk in November and December for walks in the beautiful nature through 50 km of maintained trails. Forests, sparkling sea, discovering cultural and historical monuments and ruins with the scent of salt in the air are the perfect recipe to fight the stress, negative thoughts and the fast-paced lifestyle. No matter which side of the island you choose to explore you cannot go wrong, because, as it happens on the island of Krk, magical sights are everywhere.

Activate your body and spirit, choose your type of recreation and explore the island of Krk in autumn colours and scents. Be sure to share your impresions!