Olive days on the Island of Krk

We have written previously about olives and olive oil, the so-called liquid treasure of the island of Krk. The liquid treasure of the island of Krk is extra virgin olive oil gained from the olive fruit by mechanical processes exclusively, from autochthonous sorts of island’s olives. This blog is dedicated to Olive days held from 4th to 6th of October in Punat on the island of Krk in beautiful Croatia.

This gastronomic event is being held since 1996. In the beginning, it was a tourist event intended to prolong the tourist season. Due to Olive days in Punat a program takes place, lasting 3 days, starting October 4th. Domestic and foreign tourists get to participate in the olive harvest, observe and taste homemade products (olive oil, goat and sheep cheese, honey, wine and fig grappa) and an art show will be held, while the olive growers get to participate in professional education.

“Golden olive”, a culinary competition, i.e. gastronomic promenade through the restaurants of Punat also takes place, along with the presentation of homemade wine and traditional foods matching, all with the purpose of spreading the olives and olive oil use in everyday menu, in restaurants and households. The event usually ends with an entertainment program in the open air, so since for several years ago a “culinary-journalism cup” takes place, competition in making sauces from lamb or game with olives, with homemade pasta or polenta with olives. This event is a farewell to the tourist season and a start of the peaceful, fairytale autumn.

Benefits of olive oil

Olive oil is high quality food and it is beneficial to consume it on a daily basis. It is a great source of lecithin, carotene, polyphenol and essential vitamins A, D, K and E. It’s hard to name all its benefits, but we will single out some:

– Protects the cardiovascular system
– Lowers the risk of heart diseases and high cholesterol
– It is a great antioxidant
– Regulates appetite
– Alleviates arthritis symptoms
– Prevents bloating, heartburn and abdominal cramping
– Stimulates the production of gastric enzymes and gastric system function
– Nourishes and nurtures nails and hair and stimulates scalp circulation thus stimulating hair growth
– Helps heal wounds

So, do not hesitate, add olive oil to your nutrition. And in October, we will see you in Krk where you will have the opportunity to get to know olives, olive growing, olive products and olive growers.

Image by Couleur from Pixabay