Only 112 days until summer, not that we’re counting

In this rainy and windy weather, we could use some warm thoughts. If you too love the summer, then for sure you are counting the hours and minutes until the warmest season that officially starts June 21st.

Why should you choose the island of Krk as this year’s summer destination?

Intact nature, wonderful people and rich history make Krk special. Besides the fact you can learn a lot about the culture and history of this beautiful island, you can also relax to a diverse offer of entertainment content. It’s hard to even list them all, but here are some places you must see if you decide to visit Krk.

The first town you come across when you get to Krk via the Krk bridge. If you enjoy hiking and nature, you definitely need to visit the Dubec park, about 18.000 m2 big with hiking trails of about 1000m.
What makes this town most famous are the remains of an ancient city from the second half of the 1st century in the Sepen bay- Mirine- Fulfinum. Next to the bay, there is also an archaeological park with a basilica from the 5th century.

Njivice is the youngest town on the island, but offering its visitors numerous activities and entertainment content like diving, water sports as well as table tennis, volleyball, mini golf and other, within the Sport & Fun park.
The fish pedicure- if you’re not ticklish, you can relax and enjoy while the fish do their job- help you get rid of thick skin, calluses and skin disease.

The submarine- If you’re interested what all is hidden in the sea, you can dive under the surface in a submarine and see the diverse flora and fauna hidden in the Adriatic.
Near Malinska, in the Cickino site, there is an archaeological find, with an early Christian church complex built between the 5th and 7th century.

The Frankopan castle- take a walk around the walls and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea, the port and the rest of the town. The walls were built between the 12th and 15th century to defend the town and its inhabitants in case of an attack.

Vrbnik- a small town where you can take a walk down the narrowest street in the world, stretching to 43cm in its widest part. You should also try the local wine Žlahtina, which makes the town famous.

A town known for the medicinal mud rich in minerals said to be good for the skin and a remedy for rheumatism. Being that the beach is very shallow and you need to walk quite a bit in order to take a swim, this place is ideal for children and non-swimmers.