Planning a holiday in 13 steps for a carefree and relaxed vacation in the Kvarner bay

     The beginning

  1. Select a destination and set a budget.
  2. Create a check list. You don’t want to forget anything. In Croatia we have a saying “the smart ones write, stupid ones remember.”
  3. Plan out the first and the last day. These days are the worst. You have to pack/unpack, make everything on time. You don’t want to miss your flight or something, don’t you? What all must you do? How early must you be at the airport? When are check-ins and check-outs in the accommodation?

    Safety and health

  4. Insurance. Compare the price of insurance with the value of what could be lost. Find out what your current policy covers. Insure your luggage in case of loss.


  5. Money. Find out the value of local currency. Which currencies are acceptable? Always have some local currency. Find out the most affordable location for currency exchange. Never keep all your money in one place and don’t carry all the cash with you.
  6. Credit cards. Find out if you can use your credit card to collect cash in foreign countries. Have in mind you will probably be charged commission to collect cash. Notify your bank you will be using your card abroad. Find out what’s the commission for transactions in your destination.

    Get to know the destination

  7. Buy the tickets in advance. You’ll get off cheaper. Flight tickets are best bought months in advance.
  8. Get a guide. Don’t be ashamed to walk around town with a guide or a map. You want to spend your vacation time in the best possible way. Study where you want to go, where it is and how to reach it before the trip.
  9. Check the events. Maybe there are interesting events you’d want to visit exactly when you’re there. Make sure there are no holidays so the shops and restaurants are closed. You do not want to end up hungry.
  10. Check the local climate. And pack accordingly.
  11. Make a reservation– on time!

    Luggage and packing

  12. Bring a charger adapter. There are 15 different types of outlets. You do not want to be in a situation to not be able to charge your phone over something so simple.
  13. Pack an extra piece of clothing in your hand luggage. It is not common, but your luggage can get lost or stolen. In that case you want to have an additional piece of “first aid” clothing.

    Some situations can’t be predicted or influenced. Just relax and try to make the best of your vacation.