Šilo- the tourist centre of Dobrinjština

Nowadays, Šilo is a well known tourist centre of Dobrinjština on the Northeast side of the island of Krk. This placid, small town has always been a place of true fishing and maritime tradition. It is located opposite of Crikvenica in the Stipanja bay. Regarding accommodation, you will not find hotels here, rather first class apartments and rooms in family houses and apartment buildings and campsites.

Beaches in Šilo on the island of Krk

On Šilo’s beaches, as well as many others on the island of Krk, the Blue flag is proudly flying, as a sign of cleanliness and facilities on the beaches and the sea. A special attraction that needs to be highlighted is a diving tour of a sunken Greek ship Peltastic. The underwater location is not far from Šilo and is a proper touring attraction with local diving clubs. Real, true treasure are the beautiful, secluded, wild and sunny bays nearby. The ones willing to explore can find peace and calm and enjoy clean waters and sun rays far from everyone’s sight.

Once upon a time, this was where the first ferry boat in the Adriatic coast set its first sail from Šilo to Crikvenica. Nowadays, in the summertime, the route is taken by many speedboats and small boats. 

Activities and attractions in Šilo on the island of Krk

The well known Soline bay, where you can freely use the natural, medicinal mud and enjoy the shallow waters, especially important for families with small children, is located nearby. It is popular among young people because you can play volleyball and picigin- traditional Croatian game, and it’s a right place for a picnic by the sea!

Biserujka cave is the only cave on the island, located in Rudine village opposite of Šilo. It was discovered about 100 years ago. It was named after a legend saying that pirates used to hide their treasure here. The guided tour takes about 15 minutes, with tours in Croatian, Italian and German language. The cave is well lit up, emphasizing beautiful stalactites, stalagmites and calcite columns. It is a special pleasure to visit it in the summer because, besides of getting to know this beauty, you get to cool down from the heat.

Šilo is a proper tourist place for relaxation and running away from the everyday life. The place can be explored by car, bicycle, boat or on foot. Awaken the adventurer within and explore bays, hidden caves, hiking trails or spend time in a beautiful beachfront campsite, walk around the town.

Šilo offers something for everyone, but the most important and same for all-peace and relaxation on your holiday!