Souvenirs from the island of Krk for unforgettable memories from your vacation

We don’t know about you, but whenever we travel somewhere, we like to buy a souvenir to remind us of the place we’ve been to. It can be a decoration to find its place in our home, and it can also be something usable, like clothing, food or drinks. With rich tradition and culture of the island of Krk, you will all find a souvenir for yourself and your loved ones.

Shops that sell various souvenirs, stands, showrooms and souvenir shops are literally in every corner. We are singling out some traditional souvenirs we would choose ourselves as a keepsake of beautiful Croatia and the island of Krk.

Liquid treasure

Olive oil – the benefits of this liquid treasure needn’t be mentioned. Besides the healing effect for your heart and blood vessels, it slows down the aging process. Olive oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and soothing effect on your digestion. There are 120 000 olive trees being cultivated on the island of Krk that give out 130 000 liters of oil.

Homemade schnapps and liquors – among the more famous are fig schnapps, olive schnapps, walnut schnapps and žlahtina wine schnapps. Try them out while on the island or take them home and taste them when there’s a special occasion.

The Vrbnik žlahtina – the most famous white wine of the island of Krk, and as the name itself says, it is made in the area of the town of Vrbnik. This white drop is an ideal gift or a souvenir.


Pralines and chocolate – pralines with applied cultural and historical natural sights of the island of Krk or chocolate emblems and signet rings of the dukes of Frankopan autochthonous island aromas.

Fig cake – traditional island treat made of dried figs.

The Krk prosciutto – its characteristic is that it’s salted in wild herbs of the island, not smoked, matured in the skin and cured in the Krk bura wind.


Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches. With different motifs and symbols specific for the island of Krk.

Ceramic and stone souvenirs

Such as bukaleta – a wine jug, dolls in tradition attire, bowls, magnets, vases, candlesticks and many more.

Scents of Krk

Enjoy the scent of the island of Krk even upon your return home. Lavender, fig, sage and pine are some of the most famous. Bring them home in a little pillow pack, as tea or etheric oils of the island herbs.

Besides the above mentioned, there are many other interesting souvenirs that tell their stories. There are cotton shirts with printed recipes of traditional island treats, decorative pillows with traditional island attire motifs, paintings and drawings, ship models or bottled ships, boards with sailor’s knots, mirrors, lamps, bags, picture books, etc. The souvenirs of Krk are original and authentic. Find and buy your very own souvenir that will remind you of your beautiful stay on the island of Krk.