The month of love on the island of Krk- the most romantic locations for Valentine’s Day

The month of love has arrived, a month in which many will find an opportunity to run away from the boring everyday life to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their significant other. If you have not an idea where to go this year and what to do, in continuation, read our recommendations.

Rajska cesta (Heaven Road) near Malinska
Rajska cesta, as the name itself says, will take you to Rajska plaža (Heaven Beach).On the right side of the path, there is a thick pine forest, and on the left side, there is the sea and several small pebble beaches. Walking down this path is a true romantic voyage.

Košljun islet
For a romantic getaway, visit the Košljun islet near Punat. The whole islet is organized as a museum, and the inhabitants are the Franciscan monks.

Prniba peninsula
The green peninsula of Prniba is ideal for those wanting an active vacation. The beauty of the lone coves, natural beaches, and cliffs with the cries of the seagulls and the murmur of the sea is what makes this peninsula important to mention and visit. It is located not far from the center of the city of Krk. The natural ambiance is ideal for relaxation, meditation and spending holidays hiding in nature not far from civilization.

Prvić island
This breath-taking botanical and ornithological reserve is located opposite of Baška. This uninhabited island is perfect for blending with nature and running away from everyone. An excursion to Prvić island provides a memorable experience at any time of the year. It’s a true piece of heaven of intact nature not far from civilization. The island can be visited in a blink of an eye by a boat from Baška. On the western slope of the island, you can find the romantic lighthouse Stražica.

Once you’ve selected an ideal love corner on the island of Krk, get cracking with planning joint activities. Are you more of the type for wellness relaxation with sauna and massage, or are you a more active type to go across the island on a bicycle? Maybe you don’t wish to do a single thing other than to enjoy the company of your better half. Anyhow, we are sure you will find the right activity for yourselves.

Of course, there are many other romantic locations on the island of Krk, but we can’t even mention them all. To make your Valentine’s Day even more intimate and romantic, check out our offer of private accommodation. Let the island of Krk be your love destination in February. And don’t forget to love each all 365 days of the year, not only on February 14th.