Therapeutic and recreational horseback riding on the island of Krk

Diversity of the island’s tourism offer is hiding something for everyone. Engage yourself in a slightly different adventure. Horseback riding is possible at the Equestrian Club Njivice, and there is also the Center for Animal-Assisted Activities and Therapy “Moj prijatelj” (My Friend) Njivice.

The location of the Equestrian Club Njivice provides different tours with guides and professional horseback riders to both coasts of the island of Krk, a lake, and the island’s meadows and forests.

At the Equestrian Club Njivice anyone can try horseback riding. Horseback riding is intended for children and adults, and the experience of recreational horseback riding on beautiful sites will surely remain a fond memory. For children without experience, horseback riding takes place in an enclosed space, and adults and children with experience have the opportunity to get to know the landscape of the island of Krk. Club manager will give her best that those with less or no experience overcome fear and learn how to behave near horses, and master the basics on how to equip, brush and saddle a horse. Whichever category you belong, there will be no lack of entertainment and adventures. Adults and children with experience can embark on an adventure around a beautiful lake, which is one of the many routes.

On the way to the lake you will be going along a forest path until you reach beautiful farmlands which are meant for enjoyment, galloping and trotting. A beautiful sight in front of you when you set your eyes on a farmland and Istrian boškarin cattle, horses and donkeys freely grazing will enchant you so much that you will wish to capture that moment forever. Leaving the farmlands, you will go uphill, along with a hilly path back to the starting point.

After every tour, these wonderful and noble animals are worth rewarding because, after all, they are the ones to be thanked for one’s amazing experience and satisfaction. They should be fed, watered and bathed to freshen them up, and after that you can jump in the nearby sea and take a swim at one of the many beautiful beaches of the island of Krk.

Here you can also find the Center for Animal-Assisted Activities and Therapy “Moj prijatelj” (My friend) Njivice which is intended for children with developmental difficulties and people with disabilities with the aim of gradually improving the quality of life in the broad sense through interaction with animals, namely specific therapeutic goals. The therapies are conducted by the licensed PATH Intl horseback riding instructor, and for each beneficiary, an individual plan and program is made.

Relax in the greenery of this beautiful island, and we kindly recommend you to do it sooner rather than later!