Top spring activities for all generations on the island of Krk

Come March, the sun gets warmer, the scents in the air get more intense, the sea gets sparklier, the daylight calls you to spend time in the open. If you’re lucky, at springtime, the island of Krk can become the destination for you to recharge your batteries and enjoy the numerous activities the island has to offer to its guests as well as to its local inhabitants. No matter what age, everyone can find an activity to suit them as the offer is diverse and more numerous and interesting each year. In continuation we recommend what to do if you happen to find yourselves on the island of Krk at springtime.

Walking and hiking in the nature

The coast and the beaches in time when the historical streets are not crowded with tourists reveal a special, different world at the same location. The sea as a true elixir of life heals your soul, improves blood flow and most importantly, with just a look it takes away the stress and tension. That’s why scenes like enjoying the sunset or just soaking up the sun along with the scents of salt in the air and the sound of the waves murmuring is the best free therapy you can get. And knowing the island of Krk has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, it is a special experience discovering them, whether they’re famous or hidden, pebbly or sandy, they are breathtaking. Besides the beautiful beaches, explore the 300km long hiking trails through the natural beauty, hike and enjoy the view from one of the many viewpoints on the island you can reach on foot or on two wheels.

Explore the island on a bicycle

If you’re a cycling and adrenaline lover then the island of Krk is the right place for you because of the well maintained 62km long cycling tracks that can be found along the beautiful coast. The tracks can be found in the inland too, and one of the most favourite tracks starts in Malinska and takes you to the town of Krk.
You can choose from easy tracks for beginners and amateurs that like to enjoy the intact nature and the beautiful scenery while lightly pedalling. You can also choose a more demanding track intended for mountain bikers. If, besides enjoying the scenery, you wish to experience something different and get to know the rich island history, we recommend visiting Baška. You will find easy and more demanding tracks, get to know the Baška valley and encounter herds of sheep, common inhabitants of this part of the island ☺

Spring is the ideal time to explore our beautiful island due to pleasant temperatures and that special feeling in the air so don’t wait for summer for a great vacation.