Traditional dishes of the island of Krk

Excellent Mediterranean cuisine and climate make island of Krk real gourmet center. In numerous restaurants and taverns you can try homemade prosciutto, sheep cheese, homemade olive oil and wine vinegar, wild asparagus, excellent chicken lamb of Krk and žlahtina of Vrbnik. You can also visit family farms where you can taste homemade products and buy gastro souvenirs.…

In the traditional cuisine of Krk, you can also taste fresh fish, scampi, crabs, shells with a variety of side dish vegetables. There are lots of spices like laurel leaf, rosemary, garlic, spring onions, salt, parsley, tomatoes, olives, carrots that give the food an extra note.

It is said that if islanders offer you a homemade brandy and dried figs, do not refuse, because according to the legend they sincerely welcome you and predestined you a long and happy life.

In the rich gastronomic offer, there are also known surlice, homemade pasta served with various meat and fish dishes. From desserts, try the dessert of sheep cheese “Presnac” or dried figs, fritters and krostule.

Some of the traditional dishes of Krk, which are also the most popular of the meat dishes “surlice with stew of lamb”, “lamb stew” (zgvacet of lamb) and of fish  dishes “stew of sardines with potatoes”.

You can toast with žlahtina of Vrbnik, quality authentic dry wine, light yellow color, which only thrives in the Krk vineyards or Vrbnik field. The best fits with domestic sheep cheese, all types of fish and seafood specialties, and white meat dishes.

The rich offer of dishes certainly will not leave you indifferent, and restaurateurs and producers will try to prepare and serve you with authentic products in the best splendor!