Valomet – a sparkling wonder from Krk island depth of the sea

If you are a gourmet and like to experiment with interesting flavors that caress your palate, we are sure that you will like our story about Valomet.

Are you wondering what is exactly Valomet?

In Vrbnik in 2006, an experienced and creative connoisseur and žlahtina grape variety master, Marinko Vladić, came to a one-of-a-kind idea on the world scale – to put the bottles of champagne in steel grid boxes into the sea at a depth of 32 meters.

Why into the sea?

He had heard from “people from seaside” that at that depth the temperature is 12 degrees Celsius, which was not easy to maintain in the cellar, and which was very favorable for the fermentation of champagne. Besides the temperature, there were other factors that were important for the creation of ideal conditions for Valomet such as lack of light, the fact that the bottle under the sea is exposed to more pressure than in the cellar and complete peace.

The maturation process of the champagne is a unique method in the world, and Valomet is composed of exclusively indigenous žlahtina vrbnička variety. Žlahtina contains natural sweetness; therefore, there is no need to add liqueur. The result is that the champagne has a fascinating flavor (much better than the one from the cellar) that does not contain sugar.

However, Valomet, besides replacing the classic cellar with the one under the sea, is very specific in its design. It was not necessary to develop specific design because the sea gave the most beautiful decoration, and except for quality, it received recognitions and awards several times for the design as well.

Shells, corals, stones, limpets are part of the unique design of the bottle, which for months was lying at the bottom of the sea, creating a perfect look and flavor for its future owners.

Even while writing this, we are dying to drink a glass of Valomet from the sea, and we recommend you to do the same when you visit the island of Krk! 😉

Photo by: PZ Vrbnik