Vrbnik, its heritage and sights

Get to know Vrbnik, a town with a 900-year-long story. It was an important castle held by the Frankopan nobility, as well as a Glagolitic and religious center under the patronage of St. John the Baptist. It is a favorite inspiration for many artists because of its beauty, narrow stone streets and houses that are huddled together. Getting there from the land, 28 km past the Krk Bridge you will come across long vineyards where the esteemed wine Vrbnička žlahtina is produced, and the pastures of Krk with grazing sheep. 

On the seaward side, you will fall in love with the unique image of high steep cliffs, a bell tower and compact stone houses around it, a town surrounded by medieval walls. It is also called the cradle of Croatian literacy, and it is certainly one of the oldest places on the island of Krk. Narrow streets prevail in Vrbnik so it’s no wonder that the narrowest street in the world is located right here! 

Vrbnik is a true old-style Mediterranean small town with an enormous soul, and it’s rare if someone doesn’t fall in love with it right away. Inside its walls it is crisscrossed with narrow and winding streets and small squares that are surrounded by huddled old stone houses. The Klančić street is the narrowest street in the world and has become one of the major tourist attractions in Vrbnik, but also on the island of Krk. Its narrowest part is around 40 centimeters. The streets were built using the traditional methods of construction, mainly just wide enough for a car to pass through, and some are tight even for people, as is the case with this one. 

The Vrbnik field (Vrbničko polje) is famous for Vrbnička žlahtina as the signature wine of the island of Krk. We can describe it as a narrow flat territory located between hills, covered in thick vines and intersected by paths that local people use to get to their properties.

Vrbnička žlahtina is a high quality dry white wine that is produced from an indigenous cultivar called žlahtina bijela. Succeeding only in this region, Vrbnik and Žlahtina have gradually become a synonym for each other. The wine goes best with homemade sheep milk cheese, all types of fish and seafood specialties, and white meat dishes.

Vacationing in Vrbnik is a break for all your senses. Wander off for a while into the history of the town and the island of Krk, walk around the unique narrow streets, listen to the sea and the waves hitting the cliffs and the beach, treat yourself to premium wine and indigenous local specialties, make your way to Vrbnik’s hiking round trip that is 24 km long, literally experience your vacation with all your senses!