Welcome to the fifth season – The Carnival season

The long-awaited fifth season has begun – the carnival season! The Krk Carnival is one of the most important events on the island of Krk, as well as throughout the country when many followers of these customs awaken their long tradition, and the crown of this special season is a huge international carnival parade in the city of Rijeka, that will take place on February 23rd of this year in Korzo. A special feature this year, besides many friendly carnival groups from abroad, are groups from the cities of European Capitals of Culture. Don’t miss out on visiting the biggest, most imaginative and most fun parade that has to be experienced!

The carnival in Krk started on January 12th with a masquerade parade, accompanied by the Krk Brass Orchestra, when the Master of Carnival ceremonially took over the authority of this dancing and joyous season, starting on the first Sunday after the holiday of the Epiphany and lasts until the Lent (Ash Wednesday). During that time parties and masquerade dances are organized, both for adults and the youngest, and the weeks of celebration ended in the incineration of the main culprit for everything the past year, the Pust. Along with the Pust incineration, lowering the flag and returning the key, food, and drinks will be handed out, and fireworks will be organized.

In continuation, we bring you a list of additional masquerade events so you don’t miss out on great entertainment even by accident, whether you’re the island inhabitant or one of the many tourists and guests expressing their devotion to our “golden” island for years, some even decades.

21:00 o’clock
Town of Krk, the Carnival tent on the bus station
Krk Carnival 2020: Psihomodo Pop

Children’s carnival party

21:00-3:00 o’clock
Pavlova holiday: Dalmatino & d’Beni band

Masquerade Valentine’s Day with Jole

Carnival party with Maja Šuput

Children’s carnival party

The Krk waterfront
Closing of the Krk Carnival and the incineration of Pust

If you haven’t had the opportunity to participate in this, the most fun and colorful season on the island of Krk, this year you have an opportunity to fix that. We are almost sure you too will be taken over by the true masquerade spirit!