Why is September the ideal time to visit the island of Krk

September is simply the ideal time to visit the island of Krk. Why? It’s still summer, there’s plenty of sun, and the temperature is more pleasant. The sea is still warm enough for swimming and there are plenty of additional options that are not so interesting in the summer heat.

In continuation, we bring you several options for a fulfilled and an unforgettable September vacation on the island of Krk.

Cycling on the island of Krk

September is the start of the cyclist’s favourite time of the year. Thanks to well maintained cycling tracks, totalling in 62 km, along the coast and on the island’s mainland, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and explore numerous sights.

You can choose easy tracks, meant for beginners and amateurs wishing to enjoy the intact nature and fresh air while lightly pedalling. You can also opt for more demanding tracks meant for mountain bikers and ensure a more intense experience.

Hiking on the island of Krk

There are over 300 km of hiking trails on the island of Krk, and they are a real tourist attraction. You can choose light “lungomare” paths along the coast line, taking you through towns and villages and many hidden coves.

Also, you can find more demanding trails meant for hikers. That way you can conquer the island’s highest peak- Obzova. Obzova peak is situated at 569m of altitude and is a part of island’s western massif. It is situated on the Southeast of the island, dividing the Punat bay from the Baška valley.

Exploring the natural and historical attractions of the island of Krk

Due to pleasant and moderate temperatures, and plenty of sun, September is the ideal time to explore numerous natural and historic attractions of the island of Krk.

The most famous natural attractions are:

  1. Lake Njivice, the biggest natural sweet water habitat of the island of Krk. You can find some very rare sorts of swamp and water plants and autochthonous sorts of fish, amphibians and pond turtles, and it is also an important bird habitat.
  2. Island of Prvić, across from Baška, is a botanical and ornithological reserve of intact nature. The highest point of the island is peak Šipovac (363m), which makes it one of the highest Adriatic islands. The underwater world around the island is captivating, with its special beauty and richness of corraligenous communities.
  3. Prniba peninsula offers the beauty of lone coves, natural beaches and cliffs. The natural ambiance is perfect for relaxation, meditation and relaxing walks, during which you can stumble upon a dear or two.

The most famous historic attractions are:

  1. The Baška tablet in the church of St. Lucy in Jurandvor. The Baška tablet is a Glagolitic writing, carved in white limestone, and represents one of the most important Croatian monuments. Its importance is in the first mention of a Croatian leader in Croatian language.
  2. Kaštel Gradec- these ruins are up to 7m high. The castle was built on an old path that used to connect the town of Krk with agriculturally rich counties on the Eastern side of the island. It was abandoned after the departure of the last duke of Krk in the second half of XV. century.
  3. The Franciscan convent on Košljun, a tiny islet in the Punat bay. Part of the convent has been turned into a museum with the collection of national costumes and rare samples of Glagolitic writings.
  4. Historic town centres of Krk, Vrbnik, Omišalj, Baška and Dobrinj hold many sights you shouldn’t miss out on.

Accommodation on the island of Krk in September

Another big advantage of a vacation on the island of Krk in September is avoiding huge crowds, thus having a better selection of available accommodation. In continuation, we recommend several excellent options, depending of the type of accommodation you prefer:

Holiday House



Studio Apartment

If you need help with booking or choosing the adequate accommodation, don’t hesitate to contact us. It would be our pleasure to help you look for your perfect accommodation on the island of Krk.