Dental tourism in Kvarner

As written in the previous blog, the island of Krk is an ideal destination when it comes to health tourism. We can single out dental tourism as a special branch of health tourism. Pleasant Mediterranean climate, beautiful nature full of flora and fauna, destinations telling the history and so much more you can experience if you decide to visit the island of Krk.

Dental tourism is especially attractive in Croatia due to affordable fares and the quality of service, and often the dental offices organize accommodation and transport at their own cost. Our neighbours from Italy and Slovenia, but also Croats living abroad, often decide to get treated in Croatia. On the island itself, and in the vicinity, there are many dental offices and polyclinics offering many services from dentistry to facial aesthetics. We are singling out two of such institutions.

Dentorium office (Malinska)

For over two decades they are dedicated to the best dental service, top-notch technical and technological instruments and professional dental team.
In their offer they have services as aesthetic dentistry (teeth whitening, veneers and ceramic crowns, dental jewellery implantation), implantology (crowns on implants, implant removable prosthetics, mini implants, “tooth for a day”, “tooth for an hour”, all-on-4 or all-on-6 implants), prosthetics (all types of removable and fixed prosthetics with or without implants, Procera and Cercon crowns), dental microscopy (4-24 times magnified, dental procedures can be performed in greater precision) and many other services including orthodontics,  endodontics, treating periodontal illnesses etc.

Dental and aesthetical polyclinic DentalPro (Škrljevo)

Polyclinic DentalPro is about 30 minutes away from Krk, in a town of Škrljevo. Besides from dental, this polyclinic offers top-quality aesthetic services. Therefore, they offer excessive eye-lid skin removal without surgery, wrinkle, scar and stretch marks removal and fixing various skin irregularities using a medical machine PLASMAGE. In their treatments, they use FORLLE’D regenerative cosmetic line that affects deeper skin layers instead of only surface layers, which could so far only be achieved by injecting hyaluronic fillers. You can also get a hyaluronic filler Alliaxin treatment, used not only for skin revitalization but also for aesthetic corrections. You can also get botox treatments, plasma treatments, mesotherapy, thread lifting, and other professional Skintech peels.

During your stay on Krk, use the opportunity to solve your dental or aesthetic problem. Instead of long-term therapy at home, treat yourself to a little dream vacation with incredible natural beauties like a real hedonist. Return from your vacation happy, satisfied and beautiful.