Discover the spring charm of the beautiful Island of Krk

This blooming and green part of the year is truly magical. While everything awakens, you can feel the rush of positive, spring energy in the air. Although Krk is magical in every season, the spring creates a completely relaxed and careless vacation for all generations. The shore is not crowded, the streets are not too tight from numerous tourists and the beaches are half empty, all reasons enough to choose Krk for your spring vacation or a weekend getaway.

The sea as the biggest “doctor” for your skin revives your spirit especially, as well as deals with daily stress and rush. If you decide to spend your vacation on our “golden island”, your options are endless, especially if swimming in the sea is not your priority.

Relax and revive your spirit and body

Awaken your spirit by breathing the fresh sea air whilst walking down one of the many promenades. Enjoy the beautiful, yet not too hot weather, charge your “batteries” without many tourists around and discover a completely different world on Krk. If you wish to stay active as well as relax, the island has over 300km of hiking trails. Take photographs of all the beauty you come across and catch some of the most beautiful scenes to create a permanent and the most beautiful memory.

An active vacation as an ideal choice in spring time on the island of Krk

In the last few years, the island of Krk has woken up in regards to recreational and sports tourism, offering its guests a possibility of exploring and enjoying many activities in the open, with a strong emphasis on bicycling.
You can get to know bicycle tracks via mobile application KRK BIKe, containing route searches, GPS navigation, tourist info point information, the weather, emergency contacts, electrical vehicle charging points.

Mountain climbing, golf, volleyball, badminton, tennis are only some of the other activities waiting for you on the island in spring time. Also, a morning workout on the beach can be an ideal start of the day of your active vacation.

Gastro Krk

If you are to visit Krk in April or May, you can enjoy the tastiest vacation thanks to numerous gastronomy fairs under the name of Krk Food Fest, where about 30 islands’ restaurateurs and caterers present authentic products and seasonal foods, offering their visitors a unique gastronomic experience!

This spring make the island of Krk your ideal choice for an unforgettable vacation, where you can have plenty of tranquillity, fun and activity!