Diving attraction of the Island of Krk – The Peltastis Legend

Thanks to its crystal clear sea, beautiful indented coast and the underwater world rich in flora and fauna, diving is one of the most attractive and most popular water sports. The Island of Krk is rich in diving locations (about 40 of them), diving schools and diving centers.
On the seabed surrounding the island of Krk, you can find sunken ancient ships, underwater caves and cliffs, coral reefs, diverse flora and fauna.

Some of the most beautiful diving locations are:

• Blue Malin Cave – a beautiful underwater cave

• Selzine – a 110m high cliff lying on the canal entrance

• The Mafia Wreck – one of the cliffs with a capsized speedboat

• Big Cave & Deep Cave – a huge cathedral with various vegetation, 35m long and 10m high

• Kormati – one of the prettier underwater scapes with caves, cliffs, lawns

• Plavnik – a sailboat from the Napoleon time

• Peltastis – a sunken Greek ship from the 70’s

• Little Plavnik- an islet, a reef full of caves with stone curtains and steep cliffs coming down from them

• The Plavnik Cannons- cannons from the 18th century

• Ratko’s cliff- a 90 degree cliff with a stalagmite type rock

The Peltastis Legend

The Peltastis was a Greek cargo ship, thus called “the Greek” by some. In 1968. she had an accident in a storm and 150km/h wind while transporting 500 cubic meters of wood. Due to the muddy seabed, the anchors were unable to keep the ship in place so she hit the cliffs on the port side and sank. She is located between Šilo and Klimno bay, merely 100m off of northeast coast, at the depth of 12 to 32m. When he noticed the ship was beyond rescue, the captain ordered his crew to save themselves, but to tie him to the rudder first, because he did not want to leave the ship. From the 11 crew members, only 4 survived. Seven bodies were found within several days while the captains’ body was discovered 10 months later.

The shipwreck is filled in flora and fauna. Night diving provides a special experience, as you get to see more of the underwater life.

The visibility is mostly medium, but it is susceptible to weather conditions. The smallest of the storm can diminish visibility. And an underwater torch is a necessity. There is a possibility of mild currents.

If you love or are just beginning to dive, the aquatorium of the island of Krk is an ideal choice. Dive in and get to know the island of Krk below the surface. We guarantee the most beautiful, unforgettable scenes and getting to know the Adriatic’s wildlife.