Fall in love with the natural beauty in Kvarner and nearby

National parks are protected areas of extraordinary beauty and natural protection, with plant and animal habitats and limited human influence. There are 4 national parks nearby worth your visit.

It’s located in Gorski kotar and most of its territory is consisted of the mountain range – Risnjak. This proper forest kingdom has several springs creating a little stream flowing towards the river Kupa source. Along with the peak, Veliki Risnjak, and the Snježnik massif, it represents the climatic and vegetation border between the coast and the mainland.

Brijuni are the most interesting, biggest and the most indented islands (14) along the west Istrian coast. The biological diversity, thanks to its geographical location, geological surface and geomorphology, habitat diversity and island seclusion, delights all the visitors. The climate is mild, Mediterranean, with lots of sun and warmth, lots of humidity, which enables the vegetation growth and a pleasant stay.

Northern Velebit
Northern Velebit, the newest of the 8 national parks in Croatia. This part of Velebit is a real mosaic composed of different habitats to many vegetative, fungal and animal species whose riches we have only started to discover. This year the park celebrated its 20th birthday.

The Plitvice lakes
The Plitvice lakes are our oldest and biggest national park, located in the mountain region. The calcification process represents a unique value that got the Plitvice lakes on the UNESCO world heritage list. The lake system consists of 16 large and several smaller lakes, lined up in cascades. There is no ideal time to visit the Plitvice lakes, they are magical all the time.

A nature park is a land or sea area with a large biodiversity, with valuable ecological characteristics, high landscape, cultural and historical values. It has a scientific, cultural, educational and recreational purpose. We will be mentioning 2 nature parks in our blog.

Nature park Učka includes the mountain Učka and a part of Ćićarija, located along the northern Adriatic coast and it connects Istria and continental Croatia. Učka has been pronounced a nature park due to its terrain and the immediate vicinity to the sea, which caused a specific climate development and lush forest vegetation. Besides walking, you can hike, ride a bike, free climb, etc.

Nature park Velebit is the biggest and most complex protected area in Croatia. It includes the most important mountain in Croatia, in terrain and vegetation, which has been included in the UNESCO network of biosphere reserves due to its natural values. There are 2 national parks in Velebit area: National park Paklenica and national park Northern Velebit. You can try hiking, alpinism, rafting, and cycling here.

Use your stay on the island of Krk and visit at least one of the mentioned sights. No matter whether you’re an adventurist or not, we are sure you will not regret it and that Croatia and Kvarner will remain a beautiful memory.