Get activated – hiking trails on the island of Krk

The spring is coming, meaning the nicer and warmer weather is coming. Pleasant temperature and the sun will lure us, where else than outside, for a walk. We all know that walking is very healthy for the whole body, and no one will mind taking off an extra pound or two we’ve accumulated during the winter. That’s why we will dedicate this blog to hiking trails on the island of Krk. Where to hike? What to see? Read on and you will find out.

There are well maintained and marked hiking trails on the island of Krk, totaling to over 300 kilometers. Yes, you read well. Excuses like not having where the walk have fallen down the drain 😀 These trails can be divided into easier and harder. Whilst the easy ones are more like promenades along the sea, the harder ones are dedicated to the more active hikers and climbers. You know best which group you belong to, and now, off to see where you can hike on the island of Krk.

Teaching trails

If you head out to the Glagolitic path, about 200 meters long, from the village of Gabonjin towards the little church of St. Peter or the Baška Glagolitic path, you will see many sculptures of Glagolitic letters and get to know the history of Croatian alphabet. Read more on the Baška tablet in our previous blog: The Baška tablet – “The most valuable monument of Croatian literacy”

Circular trails

The most famous and the biggest circular trail is the Krk bypass connecting the marked trails of the island of Krk. Besides the Krk bypass, there is the mountain bypass “Dobrinjština paths”, about 20 kilometers long, that starts from the town of Šilo, to Dobrinj and ends back in Šilo.

Guided tours

An event named “The Krk asparagus hiking tour” takes place in April. It includes a several hours long hike and a boat ride, and the end of the adventure is sealed by asparagus and 1002 eggs frittata whose medicinal properties have been known for 3000 years.

The peaks of Krk

If you love climbs, then we suggest the trails leading up to the peaks of Krk, such as Veli vrh (541m) and Obzova (568m). Once you’ve reached the top, you get to enjoy the beautiful view and the peace far away from the busy roads.

This type of activity is especially attractive in autumn and spring as the weather is then ideal – it’s not too cold nor too hot. Get to know the island of Krk, its history and culture, by walking and enjoying the beautiful nature. In continuation, check out the hiking maps. So, get your bag and hit the road, maybe we’ll see you around!

The northern part of the island

The southern part of the island