Travel tips on how to get to Krk Island

Always wanted to visit the Croatian coast? Especially the island of Krk? You might be wondering how to get to Krk Island in the quickest and most efficient way? Good organization of travel is half the work, and to make your planning a little easier, we give you an overview of transfer options for getting to the island Krk.

How to get to Krk Island by plane

The airport is located near Omišalj on the island Krk and it is connected to 15 cities in 11 European countries. You probably want to know the distance of the airport from important tourist sites on the island of Krk and the distance from other major cities: it is 10 km away from Njivice, 25 km from the city of Krk, 15km from Malinska, 45 km from Baška, 25 km from Vrbnik, 20 km from Rijeka, 45 km from Opatija and 180 km from Zagreb.

As a means of transportation from the airport to your destination, you can book a private transfer or order a taxi:

Additionally, you can rent a car to move freely around the island of Krk:

How to get to Krk Island by bus

If you decide to come to the island Krk by bus, you will not go wrong. The ride maybe takes longer than by a plane, but bus ride certainly has many benefits. Once you buy your bus ticket, it is enough to arrive half an hour earlier with a suitcase at the station, which, unlike when traveling by plane, you don’t have to weigh. 🙂 The island of Krk has very good bus connections with other cities and bus stops in small towns on the island, which you definitely must see.

Traveling to Krk Island by car

If you are thinking of traffic jams, and you are planning to travel in the postseason, there is no need to worry. As soon as you cross the border and/or come close to the bridge of Krk, there is no traffic jam. The island Krk is the most popular tourist destination during the summer months, and in that period of time you can expect unpleasant traffic jams, but in the autumn and winter, there really is no such concern. 🙂 The island Krk is connected by bridge to the mainland and the toll is paid only in the direction of Krk. On the way back, you have free passage.

After you pass the bridge, the main road of the island Krk is regulated by roundabouts that facilitate the flow of vehicles and contribute to driving safety. The length of the main road is about 45 km, and it connects all major centers such as Baška, Krk, Malinska, Njivice, Omišalj, Vrbnik, Šilo, Punat and other places around these centers.

For any additional questions about how to get to Krk Island, after arrival and accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us!

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